Monthly Edition Of Wholesome Rescued Pets Pics

As we already said, everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone deserves to be loved, especially abandoned animals! They require so little and give you so much – unconditional love for as long as they live!
The look in their eyes after they have been rescued and offered a home shows enough of how grateful they are, and trust me, there are few things in life that can be as rewarding as this.

And this reward can feel double during these lockdown days, because their company will make the days feel like just quick, happy moments passing by.

Check the wholesome photos of rescued/adopted pets below and hopefully, it will inspire some of you to do the same. And if you have already done something like this, share the moments with us in the comments below and let’s make this situation easier.

1# Meet Freddie, New Rescued Family Member

2# I Got A New Little Baby! Her Names Mochi

3# My Sweetie, Week After Adoption


4# My Cousin Adopted These Two Puppets Today!


5# Just Adopted This Bundle Of Love This Morning. My Daughter Wrapped The Blanket Around Him, So That He Could Have A Comfy Nap Time. Fenrir Is Such A Wonderful Addition To The Family!


6# Meet Scout. Adopted Today From A Rescue Shelter.

7# Going On Two Weeks Of Having Her Now. She’s So Happy To Finally Have A Home.

8# Me And My Girlfriend Finally Adopted A Kitten, Meet Kit-Kat!


9# I Adopted My First Cat Ever Today. She’s About 6 Months Old And So Sweet. Meet Willow!


10# Meet Puppy Mango!


11# 7 Years Ago I Was Terrified Of Dogs, Now Today I Adopted A Dog Scared Of People, This Is The Closest He’s Gotten To Me After A Week. Meet Kylo!


12# We Rescued Frank From A Local Breeder Who Was “Done” With Him And His Lack Of Teeth Means He Sucks On His Treats Til They’re Soft Enough For Him To Chew With The Few Teeth He Has Left! He Has A New Very Happy Life.


13# My Girlfriend Adopted A 5-Year-Old Handsome Boy


14# Meet Our Witchy Girl Wynne! We’re So Glad She Chose Us To Be Her Forever Home


15# We Saw This Pic, And 3 Hours Later Adopted Jonah The Bunny!!


16# We Adopted This Gorgeous (Albeit, Grumpy) 15-Year-Old Girl Today. Previous Owners Could No Longer Take Care Of Her. Here She Is Settling Into Her New Forever Home!


17# First Walk With Our Rescue Named “Beau”


18# Welcome Mr.Tiggs My Wife Adopted Him As His Previous Owner Wanted Him Gone. Mr.Tiggs Has Made Himself Feel Quite At Home On My Bed


19# Suki Was In Care For 8 Years Before I Adopted Her, And I Couldn’t Love This Little Goblin More.


20# This Is Wednesday, The Rescue Kitten With Only One Eye


21# Best Friends Since Yesterday


22# Tell Me The Story Of How I Was Rescued Again


23# When I Rescued Icarus, I Was Hoping He Would Like Me, And I Hoped He Was A Cuddle Bug. I Think I Got My Wish. Pupper Is Out Cold


24# Recently Visited A College Friend And He Adopted These Adorable Kitties, Brother And Sister. Meet Lucifer And Lillith!


25# Our Family Applied To Adopt This Little One Today. Hoping All Goes Well


26# We Rescued Him At Just A Couple Weeks Old And Now He Thinks I’m His Momma, He’s My Paracat


27# Just Rescued This Puppy From The Streets. That Is It First Nap After A Shower And Food


28# Adopted This Sweet Boy Yesterday And Couldn’t Be Happier! His Name Is Moose.


29# I Adopted A Senior Cat. He’s 11 Years Old And 19 Lbs. The Shelter Told Me He Is Skittish And It Would Be A Slow Intro. His Last Family Returned Him After 6 Months. He Is My Shadow- Woke Up At 4 AM To All 19 Lbs Sleeping On My Chest, Face An Inch Away From Mine. Goose Was Always Meant To Be Mine


30# On Our Way Home From Adopting Her. Like Father Like Daughter.


31# This Is Ruger. We Rescued Him In August. He Was Found In A Box On The Side Of The Road. No Fault Of His Own. This Poor Boy Would Have Died. I Can’t Even Think Of It Without Crying. He Is Now One Of Our Children And Will Never Go Anywhere Else.


32# Jubilee Got Adopted!!!


33# Adopted Him Last Week From A Shelter. I Think He’s Happy About It


34# The Way Our New Puppy Looked At Me The Whole Ride To Her New Home Melted My Heart


35# Today, I Adopted Two 8 Week Old Kittens Who Are Brothers. I Originally Applied For One But When I Got The Call About Being Accepted To Adopt, I Was Asked If I Wanted To Adopt The Brothers Together Because The People Adopting His Brother Backed Out. Meet Kingston And Derby!


36# My Friend Just Texted “Adopted A Dog Yesterday” With This Pic


37# My Rescue Cat Assuring My Recently Adopted Pup That She Will Be All Right And Is Now In A Home Full Of Love


38# The Time I Rescued A Crying Kitten Outside My Cat Cuddled Her


39# We Adopted An 11-Year Old Cat From A Chicago Shelter. He And My 13-Yo Daughter Fell In Love. This Is Them After She Got Back From A Week At Camp


Photographer “Time Travels” by Photoshopping Herself into Old Celebrity Photos

Have you ever imagined if you could go back in time and take a picture with famous people? If yes, you will probably enjoy a similar series in 2013, called “Time Travel” created by an artist, Flora. She is a young fine art photographer from Hungary. She uses exquisite photo manipulation in order to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, relationships, and dreams. However, today we will mainly focus on how she discovers the possibilities of the well known “selfie” phenomenon with famous people. Let’s admit that it would be pretty difficult to explain the concept of a selfie to a person from the 20th century. But this fact makes these series even more interesting!

“After the first official picture of a black hole was released last week, I decided to look into the Theory of relativity and I’ve been wondering how cool it was, if I could travel faster than the speed of light, ergo I could travel back in time. While I’ve been making a “selfie” with Albert Einstein (photoshopping myself into a picture of him) I decided to celebrate this amazing discovery with a series of pictures, where I travel back in time. ” writes Flora in her website.

Check out the gallery below. Also, tell us in the comment section below; If you could go back in time who would you like to take a selfie with?

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#1 Marilyn Monroe

Flora Borsi

#2 Mahatma Gandhi

Flora Borsi

#3 John Lennon

Flora Borsi

#4 Salvador Dali

Flora Borsi

#5 Albert Einstein

Flora Borsi

#6 Sigmund Freud

Flora Borsi

#7 Audrey Hepburn

Flora Borsi

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