April 18, 2021

“Oreo” Pup Is Going Viral And It Sparked Off A Trend To Post Look-Alike Pups

What’s your favorite film about dogs? Lassie is a good one. Marley and Me? How about 101 Dalmations? Well, if the Disney classic is your doggy film of choice, then you’re in luck. Recently, someone started a trend by describing their black and white puppy as “oreo” colored, and the idea snowballed from there.

Let us know what you think of these adorable dogs in the comments, and share them with your friends and family. You can always show us pictures of your Oreo dogs, too, or tell us which was your favorite!

Facebook | Victoria Susman

Victoria Susman spotted Ripley the gorgeous puppy on his adoption day. Her Facebook post got over 38K likes, and someone posted it to Reddit as well. But Reddit user mac_is_crack unwittingly started the cutest trend ever.

Behold, a rare Oreo cloud! from r/aww

But, we’re not complaining! Oreo dogs of all breeds were inspired by Ripley, and their owners posted the cutest photos.

Reddit | gettingzen

User gettingzen showed off their Oreo dog, who looks wise and graceful. “This is my glorious dog-child. I drove out of state to rescue him. He was returned twice by his previous adopters, and spent his first year of his life basically in a small kennel at a vet’s office.”

Reddit | kezzie87

Kezzie87 said that they too had an adorable Oreo cloud. A Husky/Blue Merle Collie mix, Diego is so cute!

Reddit | AnnabelsKeeper

Another anonymous poster shared their bigger, but no less cute, puppy.

Reddit | Madeinthemoment1954

Madeinthemoment1954 posted their cookies and cream husky. Another adorable entrant into this amazing trend! However, our final Oreo dog looks the happiest of them all.

BornAfromatum shared two photos, and we were treated to a five-year challenge!

Reddit | BornAfromatum

This is Bornafromatum’s Oreo dog, complete with a huge grin!

These dogs only share one thing in common – their black and white coloring! But, they have brought us all such happiness and joy just seeing their cute photos. All thanks to Ripley, the Aussie/Lab mix, and the cutest little cloud of fluff.

Fast forward about five years, and here’s that same good baby all grown up.

Reddit | BornAfromatum

Looking’ like a bit of a Labrador and a bit of a Collie, I’d say. Either way, still looking like an Oreo-themed angel.

All of these gorgeous photos were shared thanks to one little puppy.

Facebook | Victoria Susman

On the famous subreddit, r/aww, a Reddit user shared these photos of an adorable puppy that eventually led to one giant Oreo-filled thread.

So thank you, little Ripley the Oreo cloud, for gracing our screens and capturing our hearts!

Facebook | Victoria Susman

Because of you, we got to see so many little black and white cuties.