April 22, 2021

Parenting In Quarantine Conditions Summed Up In 30 Pics

Everything’s closed, including your office and children’s school. So parents and children are spending time together more than ever. And this means that parents will have to put up with all their messy lifestyles, hold Zoom conferences and meeting while your child goes wild in the background, TVs already broken, walls are changing their colors… 😳😳 A nightmare! But they need to express their energy somehow, we can’t blame them after all!

Besides, all this, it also has its pros – you get to do your work in a more creative and dynamic environment with your children around. Plus you get to spend more time together and form a stronger bond in between, which hopefully, will serve you for the better as they grow up. You create memories and also lessons together!

So scroll further to see some epic moments of children-parents in this lockdown situation, and tell us how are you handling this lockdown with your toddler, or if you don’t have any, share how are you bearing the situation overall (We need tips, we’re bored! Pls help!!!)

1# Looks Fun. For Them


2# Quarantine Day 6


3# Wife And Kids Have Been Bonding Over Art During The Quarantine


Allyssa McCabe, a psychology professor at the University of Massachusetts, told The Atlantic that it’s easier to keep kids busy during the workday without supervision the older they are. But for those readers out there who have young kids, don’t panic just yet!

“For young children, independent play is tough. They really need social interaction. Parents will be tempted to hand over an iPhone or iPad or the like. This is understandable, but parents should also know that the younger the child, the worse this is for their language and cognitive development.”

4# So, My Daughter Did A Magic Trick With Our Last TP Roll


5# While The World Is Fighting Over Toilet Paper, My Toddler Is Giving Ours A Bath


6# Day 2 Working From Home With This Little Terror


7# Work From Home


8# I Guess That’s How People Will Go Bankrupt


9# I’m Regretting Panic Buying $100 Worth Of LEGO’s To End Up With My Children Ignoring Them And Instead Playing With A Cardboard Box And A Can Lid For The Last 2 Hours


10# We Went From “Home-Schooling” To A Roller Skating Party Real Quick


11# Tired Of Your Kids Barging In While You Try To Get Some Work Done At Home? Underwear On The Doorknob Works Wonders


12# Day 2 Of 6 Week Break And My Kid Already Broke Our TV


13# Using My Tears To Clean The Crusted Green Paint Speckled All Over Our House


14# Working From Home


15# Isolation’s Going Well


16# Schools And Sports Are Cancelled. Social Distancing. I Have Three Kids. Our Cozy Fort


17# The Children Are Home From School For Two Weeks. Send Help


18# My Kiddo Cut His Hair Yesterday, Then Agreed To Let Me Have A Little Fun With It Before We Fixed It


19# The New Office View


20# Working From Home As A Parent


21# Came Across This On My Morning Walk


22# “Daaaad, We’re Bored!” (Day 1 Of Lockdown) “Ummm Ok, Strip This Laptop Down, And This Desktop, And Then Rebuild Them”

tardiusmaximus – My god it’s the most peace and quiet I’ve had all week!

23# Tolerance Declining On One Angle


24# It’s A Trap

25# Day 10 Of Quarantine. I Think My Kid Is Up To Something


26# Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Outsourced My Home-Schooling


27# Day 12


28# I Know The C-Virus Is Scary, But Try Working With A 4-Year-Old Dressed Like Spiderman Perched On The Kitchen Table Behind You. Day 6


29# Y’all I’m Dying! This Is Ben’s Journal Entry From Monday About Our First “Home School” Day. That Last Sentence

Candice Hunter Kennedy

30# Keep The Kids Busy While At Home

Stephanie Craig