20 Times People Got Photobombed While Taking a Picture and the Results Are Way Better Than the Expectation

A lot of times when we take pictures, we focus on people or the background around us. Pictures are a memory of a moment long gone, and we love it when we manage to capture a really good one. However, a good picture is not always a bunch of people smiling, or a nice view captured. Sometimes the goofy moments make the best memories, and we’re here today to highlight exactly that.

Usually, we tend to focus on the foreground, but the background could be the highlight of that moment. It could be an animal standing in a weird position, or a person photobombing your picture out of the blue.

The possibilities are endless. Therefore we compiled a list of photobombed images where the background turned out to be better than the upfront. Scroll down below to check them out, and make sure to upvote your favorite.

1. A family of racoon photobombed a wedding photoshoot


2. This bee photobombed my picture and ended up in perfect focus.


3. This couple wanted dust in the air for their wedding photos, the best man made it happen… And then some


4. Photobombing turtle


5. Baby hippo photobombing this couple’s engagement photo


6. I tried to subtly crash a prom



My son begged me for this stupid shark at the souvenir shop then photobombed my pic. It’s now my favorite pic from our visit to the Oregon Coast.


8. These guys photobombing a couples photo shoot


9. Perfect photobomb


10.PsBattle: Bryan Cranston photobombing.


11. In honor of the Royal Wedding, I present my friend Derek getting photobombed by Prince Harry while working the Invictus Games last year!


12. Got married last week. My favorite picture from the night got photobombed by my buddy


13. Best. Photobomb. Ever


14. This is perhaps the best photo ever taken in Rio


15. Photobombed by a dolphin


16. Best photobomb at my cousin’s bachelorette party


17. Best accidental photobomb ever


18. A quokka photobombing a selfie


19. This horse photobombing


20. “Man” bun


21. And The Award For The Best Lifeguard Goes To


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Photographer Captures Vast Array of Wild Animals That Cross a Nearby Log Bridge

While we might not all be lucky enough to have bears and bobcats in our backyard, it’s super easy to capture footage of your own local wildlife. All you need to do is invest in one of the best trail cameras, pick a suitable spot in your garden and then simply sit back and wait. The beauty of trail cameras is that they completely remove the human element from wildlife photography and videography. Even the most experienced wildlife photographer runs the risk of encroaching on their subject’s space and affecting their behavior.

And the fact that you don’t need a pro-level camera and telephoto lens to capture amazing footage of local wildlife – is also proved by a YouTube video. The video shows an incredible mixture of animals crossing a log bridge in Pennsylvania. Captured by local man Robert Bush using a camera trap, wildlife including bears, bobcats, grouse, beavers, and more used a fallen log to traverse the terrain. In addition, Bush runs a Facebook Page and YouTube Channel Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera, where he posts all of his footage as it’s captured.

Hence, you can find Robert’s video below which shows animals that crossed the bridge over the course of one year. This is a natural habitat of all these species, and it’s fascinating just how many of them there are. In the meantime, check out more of Robert Bush’s incredible wildlife footage here. It’s all about wildlife and if you enjoy wildlife photography and films, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Robert Bush Sr.: Facebook | YouTube

#1 A camera set up in Pennsylvania has produced amazing footage of local wildlife, including bears, bobcats, beavers & more


This amazing video was created using a trail camera over the course of a year. It seems that Robert Bush was able to cannily predict that the fallen log would provide a ‘choke point’ for land-based wildlife to be able to cross the river.


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr


 Robert Bush Sr

#10 After his initiative went viral, Robert shared his thoughts behind it

 Robert Bush Sr
 Robert Bush Sr

#11 Here’s what people said about his wonderful work

 Robert Bush Sr

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