April 21, 2021

People Share the Most Pointlessly Gendered Items They’ve Encountered, and Here Are 20 of the Worst Examples

Once again people on the internet got together to address their concerns over a specific matter. Today the main debate is about the gender division that society tries so hard to emphasize.

Everywhere we go we see things special just for women, and other just for men when in fact they should be gender-neutral. We see this example everywhere, in toys, clothes, books, even in chocolate wraps.

The more we’re trying to fight gender inequality, the more present it’s becoming among society. People have been sharing all the moments they’ve noticed things that have been gendered so wrongly in a subreddit r/PointlesslyGendered.

This entire community collects examples of the division between the two genders that society insists on having. Below you’ll find some of the most worse examples where you will see a clear reflection of the brutal society we live in.

1. Giftcards, why?


2. Oh wait, whoops this doesn’t belong here


3. Fellas, is it gay to survive a car crash?


4. Spotted in Chinese supermarket in Madrid.


5. Start em young


6. God forbid you use the wrong one…


7. Dinosaurs Are For Boys


8. This feels like it belongs here


9. Rotate your TV so He can watch sports, and She can watch cooking shows


10. Random Low Key Pic From 4chan


11. The classic debate: are you a $20 pink cowgirl or a $15 silver cowboy?


12. Damn You, Spaghetti Sauce. If Only I Had A Man Around! Dinner Is Ruined!


13. read it again, but slowly…



14. Thor by women according to this guy


15. Gendering Eggs Now, Are We?

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16. Cancer Isn’t Gendered, Support Shouldn’t Be Either


17. Same Items Inside… Hers Costs 30% More


18. This Is The Worst One I’ve Ever Seen


19. Girls Live On A Different Planet


20. Toothpaste For Men Only!