April 22, 2021

Photos Of Sleepy Cats That Are Too Wholesome For This World

If you’ve ever played dead in front of your cat to see how it would react, you’d know the number of sh*ts they give… ZERO. That’s how unbothered they are, they just chill all the time. It’s just in their nature to do nothing all day, and they’re very good at it.

Cats sleep about 14 hours a day, and that’s more than half of the day!! Imagine not doing anything all day long and in the end, still receiving the royal treatment. We have to admit that cats are lucky animals. If you have a cat, you know that watching them sleep is one of the most beautiful things ever. They’re so cute when they’re napping it’s impossible to ignore.

Take a look at the following cats and you’ll understand.

Cuddle buddies.

Napping inside shirt pocket.

Sleeping between DVDs.

A Puss in boot.

Getting too drunk.

Pawsome view from the glass table.

A pile of sleepyheads.

Smol kitty being the big spoon.

Sleeping on pipes.

Mommy’s boy.

Hanging out with a best friend.

Crashing anywhere.

Kitties taking rest.

The Three Sleeping Musketeers.

Snuggling with a favorite toy.

Lost in dreams.

Smol furball.

Dozing off anywhere.

Curled up like a ball.