February 24, 2021

Powerfully Moving Portraits Of The Human Race

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a picture will take your breath away and leave you with no words to say.

We of countries not ravaged by war, stifled by poverty, and rife with lack of human rights and freedoms sometimes take for granted how fortunate we are. Globally, there are so many who are suffering. It’s easy to get caught up in our busy lives and lose sight of how much we have for which to be thankful.

These photographs serve as reminders to live with gratitude, joy, and purpose; and be thinking of ways we might help others near and far. Not all of the images in the collection linked below depict misery: some show love, bravery, and poignant moments of reflection. Yet all are captivating.

#1 Yezidi Girl Carries An Assault Rifle To Protect Her Family Against ISIS

Zmnako Ismael Khalid

#2 Somayeh Mehri (29) And Her Daughter Rana Afghanipour (3) Give Each Other A Kiss. After Being Disfigured In An Acid Attack, They Say Others Don’t Like To Kiss Them

Ebrahim Noroozi

#3 A Boy Rescues His Sister From Underneath The Rubble Of Their Home In Syria


#4 Heart Surgeon After 23-Hour-Long (Successful) Heart Transplant. His Assistant Is Sleeping

James Stanfield

#5 Diego Frazão Torquato, A 12-Year-Old Brazilian, Playing Violin At His Teacher’s Funeral


#6 Little Guarani Girl Holds On Tight To A Dead Rat

Gregory J. Smith

#7 Egyptian Woman Kisses A Policeman That Refused To Fire On Protestors


#8 Happy Couple In Thailand

Sarawut Intarob

#9 This Girl Survived 11 Days In A Siberian Forest


#10 Black Baby Holding An Albino Baby

#11 Boy From Sao Paulo

David Lazar

#12 A 13-Year-Old Eagle Huntress In Mongolia

#13 Unknown Soldier On Duty In South Vietnam, 1965

Horst Faas

#14 Two Women Who Were Finally Able To Marry After 72 Years Together

#15 Blind Albino Students Stand In A Dorm At The Vivekananda Mission School In India

Brent Stirton

#16 Shaolin Monks Training

Steve McCurry

#17 Rwandan Boy Left Scarred After Being Liberated From A Death Camp

James Nachtwey

#18 Girl And Baobabs In Madagascar

Ken Thorne

#19 A 106-Year-Old Armenian Woman Guards Her Home

Armineh Johannes

#20 A Chinese Paramilitary Police Recruit Breaks Into Tears Before Shipping Off For Service


#21 Omayra Trapped Under The Fallen Debris Of Her House. She Died Just Hours After This Photo Was Taken

Frank Fournier

#22 The Migrant Mother – An Iconic Image Of The Great Depression

Dorothea Lange

#23 Chief Of A Village In Brazil

David Lazar

#24 A Malnourished Mother And Child At An Emergency Feeding Center In Tahoua, Niger

Finbarr O’Reilly

#25 Siberian Family Meal


#26 A Miner Takes A Break Inside An Unregulated Coalmine In Sabinas, Mexico


#27 The Eyes That Speak – A Muslim Woman Wearing A Hijab

Steve McCurry

#28 Geisha In Subway

Steve McCurry

#29 A Woman With Ambras Syndrome. In The Middle Ages, These People Were Called Werewolves

Bronek Kaminski

#30 A Coal Miner Smokes A Cigarette After Finishing His Shift On The Outskirts Of Changzhi

#31 Ethiopian Girl From The Hamer Tribe


#32 A Girl From The Minority Yazidi Sect Rests At The Iraqi-Syrian Border

#33 Boy From The Suri Tribe

#34 A Girl Covered In Traditional Body Paint Holds Her Puppy

David Lazar

#35 A Final Embrace: The Most Haunting Photograph From Bangladesh

April 25, 2013. Two victims amid the rubble of a garment factory building collapse in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.