14 Mysterious Times When Simpsons Warned Us for the Future

There is no doubt Simpsons is the most favorite show worldwide, with a wide viewing range. And the Longest-running animated sitcom out there. Interestingly, this show besides its unique humor. However, somehow has also managed to make a name for predicting the future

From the apple logo of smartphones to Donald Trump’s presidency and more, it’s as though the show’s screenwriters can see what the future holds. And now, the show has made headlines once again, following the recent Biden-Harris inauguration.

If you pay attention to the details you can notice a scene from the “Bart To The Future” episode which aired in 2000. Predicting Kamala’s Harris victory as the first-ever female vice president of the US.

1. Kamala Harris’ Purple Blazer

  • The scene that predicted Harris win. The uncanny similarity in Lisas and Harris outfits was what stuck people the most Both Harris and Lisa wore a purple blazer and pearl necklace during their inauguration. This further convinced fans that the series had already foreseen her win way back then.

2.Tom Hanks’ Hosting Stint at the Biden-Harris Inauguration

  • And here we have Tom Hanks’ hosting stint during the inauguration that moved the dust for some discussion among the fans. This time, they linked it to the actor’s cameo role in 2007 The Simpsons Movie.” Over a decade later, Hanks also addressed the public as host of the inauguration night.

3.Trump’s Presidency

Trump’s Presidency

  • One of the most spotted predictions was Trump’s presidency. The episode aired 16 years before his announcement of candidacy. When the writer Dan Greaney was asked he stated that “It was a warning to America.” “And that just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane,”

4.Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance

  • As for the singer In 2012, she performed in the town of Springfield while floating in the air using a harness. Five years later, she performed the same stunt in real life and even wore an almost identical space-age outfit for her Super Bowl set.

5.Daenerys Targaryen’s “Mad Queen” Moment

  • The plot twist in Game of Thrones Season 8 undeniably shocked many of its viewers. But what’s actually even more shocking was that it was already predicted in the animated sitcom’s episode titled “The Seasons” which aired in 2017.

6. Ebola Virus Outbreak

  • Several fans suggested that the sitcom predicted the 2014 Ebola back in 1997. It’s worth noting, though, that Ebola was first discovered in 1976. Or maybe they just knew that a virus would come into our life again with Covid and stuff we may think also like that.

7. The 9-11 attack

  • One of the most popular predictions has been going on and on covering this issue with many conspiracy theories. a burning building with a “Coming Soon” sign was spotted in the 2001 episode “Chain Gang Johnny” of the animated series Johnny Bravo. Many people believed that the episode alluded to the 9/11 attacks. Indeed, this coincidence already seems freaky on its own.
  • However, the Simpsons might actually have been the first to have predicted this tragedy. In an episode aired in 1997, there was a scene where Lisa showed a magazine to Bart. The cover eerily featured a silhouette of the Twin Towers next to a big number 9.

8. First Generation iPod

  • Apparently, iPod made its first “appearance” in an episode from 1996, five years before Apple introduced it to the public. The animated version of the device notably sported the same design and had the same functions as the actual iPod.

9. Mobile Devices and the outocorrect

  • As early as 1994, the series already gave us a sneak peek of Smartphones and their auto-correct device. A scene from the episode “Lisa on Ice” featured Dolph using an Apple Newton. At the time, it was infamous for its underwhelming handwriting recognition feature. So, when Dolph tried to write “Beat up Martin,” the device erroneously interpreted it as “Eat up Martha.”

10.Creation of Smartwatches

  • Also, smartwatches were one of the other predictions that foreseen the future of clocks in 1995 now 20 years later apple watch has launched.

11.Greek Financial Crisis

  • A big headline displayed in an episode in 2012 written “Europe puts Greece on eBay predicted the major debt crisis that Greece would have 3 years later.

12.Construction of The Shard in London

  • From The episode “Lisa’s Wedding” in 1995 predicted the iconic 72-story skyscraper even before its construction in 2009. Now is just amazing to see that the actual structure ended up looking like the one portrayed in the episode, including its location.

13. Higgs Boson Equation

  • The discovery of the Higgs boson ultimately played an important role in explaining why other particles in the universe have mass. Professor Peter Higgs along with five other physicists first proposed its existence in 1964. However, it was only in 2013 when scientists finally confirmed its existence. Surprisingly, an episode that aired in 1998 managed to predict the equation to calculate the mass of a Higgs boson.

14. 2016 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

  • MIT professor Bengt Holmström was also Milhouse’s bet as shown in the episode “Elementary School Musical” from 2010. He than later bagged the Nobel Prize in economics in 2016

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