April 23, 2021

Stray Dog Invades a Soccer Match – Gets Adopted by One of the Players

The match between The Strongest and Nacional Potosí at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia had a new unexpected player in the field who was ready to steal the public’s heart the moment he entered. The event took place on December 24, and the new guest was a stray dog who decided to help his home team win.

His 3 minutes of glory in the field were everything to capture people’s heart. He was joyfully running around until he got caught by one of the players of the home team, Raúl Castro.

The dog, later named Cachito served as a lucky charm, resulting with the home team to win 3-0.

His moments of fame didn’t end there. After being escorted out of the field by Castro, the dog was later found in poor condition after being hit by a car.

The dog was then rescued by  a local shelter and it’s in recovery. After hearing the news of his accident, the player Raúl Castro, who carried him out of the field, decided to adopt the dog as soon as he’s back dog the next game.

A stray dog went viral for interrupting a soccer match in Bolivia, who was running around chewing the substitute goalkeeper’s shoe.

Image credits: Jorge Mamani

The dog later named Cachito refused to give up his moments of glory until got caught up by one of the local team’s player.

Image credits: Jorge Mamani

Image credits: Jorge Mamani

Unfortunately a few days after the match, the dog was found in poor condition after being struck by a car.

Image credits: The Strongest – Garra, Pasión y Sentimiento

Image credits: GuissVel

Image credits: GuissVel

Luckily, the dog was rescued by one local shelter and now it’s in recovery

Image credits: GuissVel

After hearing the news of Cachito’s tragedy, Raúl Castro who escorted him out decided to adopt him.

Image credits: Reuters