April 22, 2021

Take a Look at This Perfect Quarantine Makeup, a Tiny Face Challenge

All across the world, in order to fight the novel coronavirus is to wear face masks. Even though the world is obliging to this, there are some, who are finding ways to make the masks a little fashion-forward, and there are some who are quite bothered by having their face covered continuously now that they’re forced to wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

But no worries, a well-known YouTuber and makeup artist Jaime French has found the perfect quarantine make-up tutorial, it might look a little spooky. This artist painted a tiny face on her nose and upper lips and it gives a perfect illusion.

She took part in a challenge on TikTok called the Tiny Face Make-up Challenge where she painted a small nose and lips while covering her mouth.

Her recent quarantine video challenge of painting a tiny face on her nose. 

She started by drawing a nose on her nose, and to make her overall face appear smaller and better fit her new features, she also contoured her forehead, then she moved on to the base of her nose into tiny lips. After finishing up with the lip shape, she proceeded to paint it with bright lipstick. Then she continued to do the rest of her makeup. We have to admit that the tiny face on her nose looks realistic.

Jaime French has quite a name on YouTube for making hilarious beauty videos.