April 22, 2021

The Smallest Library in Italy

This retired school teacher has transformed his 3-wheeler into a tiny mobile library to spread the joy of books to children in the remote places of Italy. Antonio La Cava has been doing this for more than ten years, driving through each of these villages, stopping, chatting to the local people, and offering the kids a book each.

His passion for reading and the power of the written word is touching. He even carries a collection of exercise books. Kids are invited to write the first chapter of a story, then he collects the books and takes them to the next village where another group of youngsters writes the second chapter. What a wonderfully creative idea.

Below you have a wonderful gallery of images of Antonio and his rather long-windedly named ‘bibliomotocarro’ which literally breaks down as Biblio + moto + carro so in English that’s library/books + scooter + cart.