April 23, 2021

These 20 Painful Images Display the Most Expensive Fails and Accidents That Have Ever Happened to People

If you’ve ever been carrying a bag of money, you know how intense that feeling is. It feels like the whole world knows about it and at any given moment someone will attack and try to steal that away from you. But that’s just one example. We all have broken or lost something that had a lot of value to us, and felt terribly bad about it. However, have you ever accidentally broken something super expensive? This for sure is not something that happens to many of us, since we hold on dearly to those things that cost us a fortune, but there are some misfortunate people out there who did just that by mistake.

Some users of r/ThatLookedExpensive subreddit are sharing the most expensive mistakes they’ve done, and it just hurts to watch. From broken fire sprinklers in a new condo to crashed supercars, scroll down below to see a collection of the most expensive accidents and fails in the gallery below!

1. You have three words to save your job, what do you say?


2. Rental Lamborghini Huracán crashed in Seattle


3. If insurance companies had nightmares…


4. Tree vs. SUV: Tree wins


5. When You Forget You Parked On Top Of The Self-Hiding Garage


6. Roughly 600 plates broken


7. What Happens When A Bandsaw Hits A Nail


8. For the rest of your life


9. Nick Wylde would be impressed


10. 70m Yacht Capsized In Greece


11.  He might have to change that slogan after this

He might have to change that slogan after this from r/ThatLookedExpensive

12. This fallen tree in Amsterdam


13.  Police Robots are expertly programmed at descalation

Police Robots are expertly programmed at descalation from r/ThatLookedExpensive

14. Lightning hitting a boat

Lightning hitting a boat from r/ThatLookedExpensive


15. See The Problem Is That The Back Fell Off


16. Forgetting about your $5,000 bike on your roof rack as you pull into the garage


17. A bad situation gets a whole lot worse…

A bad situation gets a whole lot worse… from r/ThatLookedExpensive

18. Parking on the beach


19. Guy hopped a curb and totaled 12 new Chevrolet’s


20. Damage plus bulldozer…

Damage plus bulldozer… from r/ThatLookedExpensive