February 24, 2021

These 27 People Are Living In The Future While We’re Stuck In 2020

There has always been a fascination with the future. It’s been the premise of movies, T.V shows and songs. In some of our imaginations the future is a Jetsons-style utopia with flying cars or if you are the Jonas Brothers, not much has changed but we live underwater. Most of have experienced multiple new inventions in our lifetime, but even so we are always waiting for the next big innovation.

Earth Wonders has found people who have taken the future into their own hands and are living ahead of the rest of us. These simple but genius life-hacks will make you realize that you should be living smarter not harder. Scroll down below to see these brilliant creators living their best life in a time ahead of us all.

#1 So many fans, but only one is that inventive!

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#2 We Are Still In 2020 While This Man Is In 3018


#3 We Are In 2020, While This Policeman Is Living In 3018


#4 This Kid On A Longboard Using A Leaf Blower To Go Fast Is Now My Personal Hero


#5 Asked My Mom If She Could Bring My Charger Downstairs, She Replied “Shout The Dog”. She’s From The Future, I Guess


#6 Everyone In 2020 While This Guy Is Already In 2078


#7 This Kid Is Living In 3017


#8 Dad From The Future


#9 Tactical Dog Helmets. The Future Is Now


#10 What Living In 3018 Is Like


#11 The Future Of News


#12 This Guy Is Living Like He’s In 3018 While We’re All Living In 2020. He Took Pictures Of Yankees Vs Mariners All Night Like This


#13 This Kid Is Living In 3018


#14 This Guy Lives In 3018

#15 My Dad Bought A Snorkel For The Sole Purpose Of Taking Naps In The Pool. Future Is Here


#16 Lazy Or Efficient? You Decide


#17 He Lives In Year 3018


#18 She’s Living In 3017


#19 We’re All Living In 2018 While This Man Is Living In 3018

William Thompson

#20 Patent Pending, New TV Tray


#21 This guy is brilliantly using his drone as a nursing helping hand.

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#22 “Dad wanted to do the dishes but talk on the phone at the same time.”

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#23 Step one to success: be creative with whatever you have.

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#24 You can live without your ex but not without Netflix.

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#25 Our flight had a 6-hour delay so…

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#26 This is a game changer.

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#27 Sneaking snacks into the movies

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