April 19, 2021

These Animal Portraits Capture Unique Quirks and Personalities of Cats, Dogs, and Horses

If you are a pet lover, you know that animals have as many unique facets to their personalities as humans.

This photographer, Robert Bahou, knows his way around a camera, and around pets, too.  So, this is a great combination that is going to help out anyone who is looking for the personal side of a pet’s personality.

Robert has always wanted to capture pets are thinking about. So, he came up with this project that consists of capturing animals we are most familiar with so that we could really see what’s really on their minds. We often find ourselves pointing out cameras at cats and dogs, but do we really capture intimate moments?

He said: “The idea for this project has been to capture close and telling portraits of the animals we are most familiar with, in an attempt to cast a fresh but honest gaze their way. I’ve avoided all distractions by limiting the photographs to medium shots with a black background, and I have purposely avoided humor as a selling point. Despite all the cameras we point at cats and dogs (and sometimes horses), we rarely attempt to capture an intimate moment of character, or personality. We generally direct our attention towards (funny/cute) actions, behavior, and so forth.”

Robert Bahou: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Kickstarter

Take a look at these great photos that all about helping you show off your pet’s strange personality in a way that will make you laugh and smile.