April 23, 2021

These Blacknose Sheep Look Like Stuffed Animals and Make Great Pets

You’ve probably seen videos of goats and baby goats and wishing to be close to them and play with them. Because of a new animal, goats should step aside.

We’re talking about sheep. These incredible Valais Blacknose (Ovis aries) sheep are originating from the Valais region of Switzerland. These cute animals have coarse wools, spiral horns, and are so-named for their black faces. These lovely animals are around since the year 1960, roaming the mountains of Switzerland and adapting to impossibly cold weather – hence, their thick wool coats. The wool on this breed of sheep is so coarse and thick that it’s not normally used for clothing.

Below you have some cute photos of them, from this Facebook page. Enjoy 🙂

These sheep are actually breath-taking. 

Some people in the home country of these cuties have decided to start keeping them as pets. When these cuties are well-cleaned, sprayed, vaccinated, and brushed out, you could have the most adorable snuggle buddies in the world.

These animals are known for being gentle, friendly, and easy to tame, and they make great pets and companions for kids. Sheep are usually very laid-back and you can trust these ones not to get out of control.

If you’re already in love with these cuties and you want one for yourself, there might be a bit of a problem buying one. It’s a tough sell to find them pure-bread anywhere outside of Switzerland. The United States began cross-breeding Valais sheep and other species in 2016, so you’re going to find a lot of cross-breeds that don’t quite look the same.

Photo credits:  Valais Blacknose New Zealand