April 18, 2021

These Cute Baby Donkeys Are Everything You Need to See Today (15 Pics)

Have you ever thought about having a pet in the house? It is said that if you own a pet, there’s a chance to spend the day with a pure, joyful creature, cuddling and laughing, and even if you are not a pet owner, photos of baby animals are impressive mood-boosters! These baby animals have the power to melt all hearts, even those made of steel. While everyone enjoys seeing a kitten, puppies, a deer or a cute farm animal people rarely take their time to adore baby donkeys. So today, we decided to honor baby donkeys!

These adorable creatures are usually the subjects of butt jokes, and it’s quite a shame. Baby donkeys have chunky, fluffy bodies and endearingly goofy expressions. While they enjoy a short siesta, they do it with their necks around each other in a hug-like formation. As we said, they are so adorable!

Baby donkeys are very social and develop powerful emotional bonds with other animals. They are close cousins to horses, but they are smaller and fluffier than the majestic animals, they differ physically, mentally and emotionally. Donkeys are more stoical in their behavior, startling less than horses. They cannot live alone, and if they are without a company of other donkeys, they can fall into depression, and because of that, donkeys develop powerful emotional attachments with other animals.

These small-looking horses even have funny names, as a male donkey is called an ass, a female a jenny, and the baby is known as a foal, as a horse. And, also our best friends, our dogs, love little donkeys, and they are also adored by cats and chickens!

Here we have some photos of baby donkeys. Enjoy!

Primrose, a premature baby, getting her legs straightened with the cast.


A little girl with her donkey.

My first baby picture when I was found in the barn. I was certainly a surprise.

Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey

 Gulliver The Shire And Apollo The Donkey enjoying their time together.

This dog’s bed is so cozy!

Sweet little bear-like donkey.


Shopping time.

The cutest creatures I’ve ever seen in one place.


Baby donkey in his hammock.

So fabulous.

Klein and Hubert, Klein and Hubert

The meeting of a little donkey and a small boy.


My donkey introducing her 5-hour-old baby to my horse.


 Extra fluffy.