These Designers Deserve Awards for Doing an Amazing Job

Some ideas just want a few changes in the original object or complete change in the structure. Anyhow this value addition leads for a more comfortable and better life for humankind. Talented designers see the world very differently from our sight. If they are asked to designing a bench or a set of stairs to a second floor, their work will definitely turn out to be a masterpiece.

This restaurant uses shadows to show men’s and women’s restrooms.

© Rook_Mozga / reddit

This paper plane-shaped bench on the observation deck of an airstrip.

© p3dantic / reddit

The car of a barber.

© fiendish64 / reddit

This electric company has an electrical outlet outside of their building.

© bre1899 / reddit

A message in a bottle.

© Timtimgrimslimjim / imgur

Bushes can be turned into creative masterpieces too.

© yamax87 / reddit

This coffee mug doesn’t need a coaster.

© hehasntreddit / reddit

While the designers of the restroom signs in this cafe simply decided to turn the cup upside down.

© emilydickinsonsdress / reddit

This specially designed plug doesn’t cover the neighboring electrical outlet.

© Joseph_Best_JoJo / reddit

An umbrella holder that looks like a folded umbrella.

© psychololly / reddit

Architect Victor Vasiliev created this beautiful sink.


A store that has a winter simulator for testing out winter clothing.

© j1ggy / reddit

The loaf design makes it clear that this car carries bread.

© svbackend / reddit

Bike parking near a mall.

© svbackend / reddit

The taillights on the 2019 Mini Cooper are patterned after the flag of the United Kingdom.

 This elevator has buttons you can press with your feet if your hands are full

© Gabe6238 / imgur

Instagram Vs Reality- This Internet Group Has Shared the Times Where Instagrammers Edited Their Photos Way too Much

With the beauty standards rising up every day people perceive that they have to look at a certain way. This weight falls mostly on women. How they have to look and behave is controlled by these beauty standards.

The filters over on every social media promoting the “perfect look” is trending and almost everyone uses them. Sometimes the before and after photos photoshopped or with filters are totally different from their natural ones.

Especially the selfie culture has changed the ways we see beauty beyond recognition. These filters and adjustments beauty tools can make the person on the photo anything but pretty.

I mean come on… they can be quite noticeable thus this group on Reddit has shared some of their Instagram vs. Reality saga.

Some of them will just leave you shocked or saddened by the harsh truth. Yes… I know seeing Kylie Jenner not being like that may break some of the hearts here.

But anyway, however, the case is let’s just focus on embracing our natural beauty and conform to some standards the society has made for us.

1. What she posted vs photos from the event


2. Instagram vs relaxed stomach


3. Instagram Picture vs. Livestream


4. The strange unproportioned look


My Friend Met This Girl And She Looks Nothing Like This


5. What She Posts vs. A Screenshot I Took From A Video


6. Body positivity


7. Hi Humans


8. Tagged vs. Posted. She Actually Looks Really Good For 72 Y/O But Can’t Help Herself With The Photoshop


 9. Intestines ? Never Heard Of Them


10. Skin Texture? Never Heard Of It


11. Fitness Model Transformation


12. The difference its uncanny


13. This side profile is……


14. This Model Makes Herself Look Easily 25 Years Younger And It’s Crazy


15. She Can Touch The Sky With Those Legs


16. I thought the post was a joke but she was dead serious


17. The filter/editing made him look like another humanoid Ken


17. When your diet makes your waist disappear


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