April 18, 2021

These Dog Moms Are Tired of Their Puppies & It Shows on Their Face

Parenthood is a maze, for moms especially. There are many positive and negative things related to it. Positive: You have an adorable mini someone to cuddle and love, someone to love unconditionally for the rest of your lives. It is an amazing feeling which transforms their life, but there is not always happiness and joy. Sometimes, there’s a lot of stress and frustration, and there are plenty of sleepless nights and gloomy days. Yes, it can be very, very tough. But it is surely cherishing to have their happy little family.

But it is wrong if I say that it is only tough for human parents? It is also rough for Dog Parents.  So for them too, parenthood is also a big responsibility. There are times when they too, want some time to spend alone and stay away from their pups. That’s okay and that’s completely normal, but it is also hilarious. Here are 10+ dog moms that are tired of their puppies and it clearly shows:

This mama looks annoyed.

They’re finally asleep.

Nose boop.

Stay away!

Why is one puppy upside down?


Boxing them up, away from mom.

Hiding from the babies.

She’s falling asleep while standing.

Watching over the babies.

Going for a walk.

 Look at all those dots.

What are you looking at?

Puppies in jail.

The puppy on the head is the cherry on top.

Zoe is a first-time mom.

Let me rest!

Imagine having 11 children at once.