These Dogs Were Living Their Life but Their Owners Got Them a Younger Sibling (+25 Pics)

No one will ever feel your pain of being an older bro or sis unless they’rere one, and the contrary to what they say, it’s not always fun. The truth is, younger siblings are those annoying little creatures who get away with anything. Luckily, these woofers are on our side.

Below we have a list with painfully hilarious and all too relatable dogs who got their nerves played by their infant siblings. And for those who ask how come humans and dogs are BFFs, well, this is the answer right here.

My Boyfriend’s Dog’s Reaction To The New Puppy


He Loves His New Sister


When You Lose The Receipt To Return Your Little Sister


It Was At This Moment Hank Regretted Asking For A Little Brother


Humans and dogs are best friends for a reason that we are all too similar. Both we and our four-legged companions struggle with sibling rivalry. For dogs, it may be for many reasons, from territory to personality, but the most important territory for any pet is their owner. And certified animal behavior consultant Amy Shojai says that “access to your attention can be a biggie.”

Most of the sibling rivalry is, contrary to what we think, very subtle. “Owners may not understand the puppy’s paw placed on top of a toy – or your foot – that claims ownership,” writes Amy in a piece for The Spruce Pets. She reminds us that “the world of dogs is not a democracy.” And this means there’s likely to be a pet that comes out on top and “the winner may be different from room to room.”

Like Please Take That Thing Back

Dustin Berryman

My Sister Sent Me A Photo Of Her Dog And New Puppy. Man, That Face


Watson Thought If He Just Didn’t Look At The Problem It Would Go Away

Melinda Wiese

Who Else Ruined Their Older Dog’s Life By Getting Them A Younger Sibling?

Chaya Breslow

There Are Two Dogs In This Picture


Abby Is Being So Patient With The New Puppy


If I Stay Still Maybe The Pup Will Go Away

Jennifer Lubinski

My Dog Not As Amused With The New Puppy As We Are


Little Brother Is So Annoying


Sibling Rivalry


Old Boy Is Heckin Annoyed At New Girl


How Your Dog Feels When You Bring Home A “Cute” New Puppy


It’s A Sibling Thing


Her Face Says It All

Patti Bueno Jolly

My Six Year Old Pyr Milo And His New Baby Brother Rumi


That Moment When You Regret What You Started With Big Brother


Apollo: “Dis Is Not Da Toy I Wanted.” Aurora: “I Is Not A Toy!”


When You Get Caught Bullying Your Younger Sibling


The Face You Make When Your Mom Makes You Bring Your Little Brother With You

Kaitlyn Amendola

Does Anyone Else Have An Ear Chewing Problem In Their Home?


Just Relaxin On His Brother


Younger Sibling Car Trip Mischief. She’s A Cute Jerk


My Older And Smaller Dog With His Younger And Bigger Sibling


He Loves His Little Brother, I Swear

Amy Demarest

“It’s Happening Again, Isn’t It?” – Walter


Our New Dog Pepper! Sarge Is A Little Confused Though


People Share “Unwritten Rules” of the Society That Everyone Should Follow, and Here Are 20 of Them

In order for us to function in a healthy society, there’s a set of unwritten rules we have to follow. Those are one of the things that no school teaches you, and at some point, you have to learn that yourself. Some call them good manners, some call them rules, or maybe just common sense.

However you name it, society has a rule book that ‘forces’ people to behave and be good to one another. In order to do that you have to be aware of these “unwritten rules”. Therefore, today we will share some with you.

One Reddit user asked a question: “What is one ‘unwritten rule’ that you believe everyone should know and follow?” And there were quite some people who shared their wisdom with the internet. People were listing things that should be common knowledge but for some reason aren’t, and it’s about time everyone learned them. Therefore, scroll down below to check out this list of “rules” we compiled for you. And if you know another one that hasn’t been mentioned, make sure to share it with us in the comment section.



If I show you a picture on my phone, don’t go swiping sideways.- Soft-Problem


Don’t watch loud videos on your phone at a restaurant. Can’t believe this isn’t common curtesy anymore. –



If you borrow something, give it back in the same condition.- Ryastor




If someone is giving you a ride you should be ready at the door before they get there. It’s so rude to have someone waiting on you when they are doing you a favor by picking you up. –Thatweirdboringdude


Let us get off the lift/train before you try to barge on ffs – Melassia


The last one to go to bed has to turn the light off. –Rebeca2277


When you have a complaint with a retail store or business, please remember that the person you are speaking too (or yelling at sadly) is just the one that happened to pick up the phone or is standing at the till. they likely have nothing to do with what went wrong and have little sway in what can be done to help. They don’t need to be yelled and screamed at for something they did not do or is under the control of a corporate office/higher up.- sebastianrileyt2


If someone is wearing headphones and is clearly keeping to themselves, leave them the fuck alone!-



Put the shopping cart back where it GOES! –brock0124


If you want to go for a hike and listen to music, come with earphones or headphones. Don’t blast loud music. – AgeOfWomen


Quit pissing on public toilet seats. – kpeterson159


When someone else is paying the bill you shouldn’t order something very pricey (it’s understandable if something expensive is the only thing you are able to eat) –yomomma1000


The “wave” of thank you when someone lets you in while driving in traffic. Its just polite – dishyboii


Double flush if you must. Nobody wants to see your poop crumbs. – jdward01


Wear deodorant if you are out in public. –kyogre120·


If someone can’t fix an aspect of their appearance in five minutes or less, don’t mention it.- greentea2727


PERSONAL SPACE (even when not in a pandemic) – keri112493





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