April 18, 2021

These People Had A Far Worse Day Than You, So Chill (50 Pics)

We all have a bad day every now and then. Some more than the others. Sometimes we wish we just didn’t wake up from the bed at all somedays and took a break because nothing went right that day.

Traffic jams made you terribly late for that important meeting on Monday. That job interview didn’t go as expected. Lost money on a bet.

The nice meal you planned to make for your spouse burned completely… and so many more scenarios. And I really mean so many more! Much more than you can actually imagine, and much more than you could bear.

You might have had a bad day of this kind, but these people you’re about to witness had a far worse one. So far worse that you will actually feel at ease with your own definition of “a bad day”.

Still, thinking you’re having a bad day? Well, just remember…

1. At least you didn’t deliver thousands of pounds to the wrong place:


2. I Dropped It…


3. Only Realised They Were There After The Flash


4. I’ve Been At Work For 4 Hours Now. I Just Saw This


5. How To Lose At Life


6. What Happens When You Go For The Rear Defrost But Hit The Sun Roof. Alaska Style


7. Well, Good Morning


8. This Is What Happens When You Forget To Roll Your Window Up Before A Snowstorm


9. Oh No


10. Sh*t


11. So My Sister Got Her Allergy Test Done And She Was Allergic To Everything They Tested For. Her Worst Reaction Was To Horses


12. How’s Your Day Going?


13. The Owner Of The Apartment Told Us It Will Be A Green/Blue Party. (Blue Is A German Expression For Being Drunk And Green For Weed). This Guy Thought We Make A Costume Party


14. Oh… Uhh… Well, Sh*t


15. This Guy Who Didn’t Want To Risk His Wiper Blade

16. The F Fell Off My Ford Fiesta Flame. Now I Drive A Ford Fiesta Lame


17. F**k This Kid In Particular


18. A Porcupine Fell From A Tree And Fell On Her Head. The Apex Of Unluckiness


19. Some Water Running From The Roof Got Stuck By The Paint On The Ceiling. Now What?


20. Well Sh*t, Now What?


21. This Happened To The Plane Mid-Flight. The Whole Plane Shook And Our Collective Buttholes Puckered


22. Today Is Not My Day


23. I Just Wanted Some Water


24. Halloween 1989. That’s Me On The Right. My Sister Is Behind Me And About To Have A Really Bad Day


25. A Girl I Know Went To The Zoo And Accidentally Dropped Her Phone. She Didn’t Want It Back


26. This Just Happened When I Took My Bananas Out Of A Bag


27. My Mom Almost Crashed Her Car Today Cause A Snake Started Coming Out Of Her Vents While She Was Driving


28. Well, Sh*t

29. Kid On The Scooter Had A Bad Day


30. On Second Thought, I Think I’ll Walk


31. This Guy Having A Bad Day At Glastonbury 2017


32. This Amazon Review Though

Image source: Reid hamlin

33. Oh Well

Image source: om_is_love

34. Today I Learned That I Sleepwalk

Image source: 4ensicFiles

35. Two Brothers Won The Lottery On The Same Day

36. Keys Inside Armored Truck

Image source: Noxja

37. Oops

Image source: imperialpillow

38. Sucks To Be You, Tom

Image source: oconnj17

39. Well That Sucks

Image source: EatsRSL

40. Just Married Couple In Front Of Their Burning Car

Image source: melzhas

41. This Girl Was Bleaching Her Hair And Put A Plastic Bag From Walmart Over It To Help The Heat Stay In And It Printed The Ink Onto Her Hair

Image source: kttyfrncs

42. Scene Outside My Apartment Today

Image source: skhadem

43. Poor Guy

Image source: Unknown

44. Jonah Hill Dropping His Coffee

Image source: TorahTalmud

45. Not Dead

Image source: SidwWolfe

46. I Just Walked Around The House For 10 Min, Unable To Find Where The Dog Took A Sh*t


47. I Live In A Town Where I Have Been Waiting For This To Happen For Almost 24 Years. Today, It Finally Happened!


48. My Housemates Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Do This While I Was Asleep And Then Leave For The Day (With The Key). I Have A Job Interview In 2 Hours


49. I Broke My Apple Slicer And Accidentally Created A Very Dangerous Apple


50. Well, Sh*t