April 21, 2021

These Pictures of Animals Chewing Berries Look Like Horror Movie Monsters

These animals might look scary but they’re not. Noone can’t bear up the sweet taste of the calories of a sweet berry.

We all know that berries are too delicious to resist.

If you find out that your animals eating fruits or berries and are doing some funny acting, it means that they are drunk because of the alcohol that is formed in fruits and berries is due to the fermentation of the first frosts. So, any animal who consumes these will act as if they were drunk.

The images below, of the animals who were eating different types of berries, are quite scary. Seems like they’ve just been drinking blood.

Rabbit Eating Raspberries

Harries Universe

Turtle Eating Strawberry

Miss March

Cat Eating Strawberry

Hamster Eating Strawberry

Post-strawberry Guinea Pig

 Prairie Dog Eating Strawberry


Bearded Dragon After Eating A Raspberry


Rabbit Eating Strawberry

Strawberry Lipstick

Rabbit Eating Some Raspberry Blood

These Devils!

No Mercy!

Tortoise Eating Strawberry


Tortoise Eating Strawberry

Snail Eating Strawberry

Rabbit Eating Cherry