April 22, 2021

These Videos Off Zoo Animals Seeing Each Other for the First Time, Will Make Your Heart Melt

At the moment, a number of establishments have already ceased operations in compliance with the government-mandated quarantine. And zoos, aquariums, as well as botanic gardens are no exception. But while their doors remain closed to the public, their social media channels remain active to spread some positivity online. One of the most fun activities for people to watch, as it appears, is the meet-ups of animals that live in the zoo territory. Videos of zoo animals interacting with each other for the first time have recently surfaced on various social media platforms. People can’t get enough of these adorable encounters.

Recently a video of a sea lion and a tegu went viral on the Internet, which is an adorable meet-up of these two. The natural and adorable confusion on the sea puppy’s face was enough for the video to be shared more than 16k times.


After one illustrator shared this video on his Twitter, it became extremely popular. He said: “Pray for the zoo animals in this time of crisis. I mean, they’re getting really well taken care of, but they’re also living through an era of zookeepers saying, ‘Y’know what? F**k it, let’s just show them each other!’”

Mystic Aquarium, in Mystic, Connecticut, writes in its tweet caption: “When you got no game at the ‘staring game’ but your animal enrichment is on point.” 


Cincinnati Zoo shared: “Red river hog Sir Francis Bacon got the rare opportunity to visit other Zoo residents earlier today. His care team took advantage of the Zoo being closed and took him on an extended walk in the Africa habitat. The meerkats were particularly curious about the unusual visitor.

Also, Maryland Zoo posted a video on their Twitter feed showing their beautiful Indian runner duck stopping by to look at the penguins in the aquarium.

And also, San Diego Zoo was among the ones to show different animal species interacting with each other. This Californian zoo took a “coati cutie” to meet a gorilla, who seemed to be interested in the little animal.

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois, captured and shared an adorable video of a Magellanic penguin, Monte, exploring the aquarium and inspecting his penguin friends in the water.

Gregg Hudson, the Dallas Zoo’s president and chief executive said: “The main thing is, we want to not lose contact with the incredible base we’ve got, nearly 30,000 family members here in Dallas. We know there’s probably a lot of families at home, and we hope to offer a respite from other news that’s bombarding people.

Since this pandemic situation going on, the Dallas Zoo has begun sharing behind-the-scenes footage and educational videos on Twitter, using the hashtag #BringTheZooToYou, hoping to distract people for a while from the ongoing crisis.

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