These Wholesome Cat Posts Will Make You Feel Warm Inside

The best way to turn a great day into a perfect one is to spend some time with our animals, and if there is one thing that could save us from the chaos or the feeling of emptiness, that might be our animals.

So, today’s story is about cats. Back in 2019, CNN estimated that there are around 6.5 billion cat pics on the web, today people have lost count, and nobody cares because our love for these babies is infinite.

Below you can see the most wholesome kitties that have all the essential emotional nutrients, from feel-good to feel-awesome.

A Cat With Her Little Baby!

Just 5 More Minutes!


The Time I Rescued A Crying Kitten Outside My Cat Cuddled Her


Fireman Rescues A Cat


My Cat Learned That The Alarm Sound Means I Wake Up, And She Snuggles On My Chest Right After. I’ve Been Setting My Alarm 30 Minutes Early Every Day To Give Her More Happy Time


My Kitten Has Hearts Behind Her Ears!


The author of the book “Cat Is Art Spelled Wrong”, Maria Bustillos, writes in her essay “Hope Is the Thing with Fur”: “they make every message to which they are appended feel softer, lighter, easier. In fact, “loving a cat,” is a way in which a person can feel and express goodness and happiness, and cats express these things back to us in return.

Dad: We Are Not Feeding That Feral Cat. Also Dad: I Set Up A Heated Cat House In The Backward And Put A Camera So We Can Make Sure She’s Home Safe Every Night


Benefits Of Being A Vet




My Cat Looks Like He Just Told His Favorite Joke And He’s So Proud Of Himself


It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This With You


This Is Tiger. He Just Turned 31. We Are Told He Is The Oldest Cat In The State Of Illinois


Born 3 Days Apart, Met Just Last Week, Already Best Of Friends


My Friend’s Wife And Cat Watching A Shy Stray Kitten Eat The Food They Put Out


I Work In Remote Areas As A Geologist. Was Leaving My Camp This Morning And Heard Mewing. Turned And This Little Fella Followed Me And Climbed Me And Promptly Fell Asleep. I Think I’ve Been Chosen. World, Meet Spud. He’s Asleep In My Field Lab Now After Wet Food And Water


Dad Passed Out After A Long Day With The Kids


My Cat Keeping My Mom Company While She Prays


Hey Everyone! Back In July, I Posted Our Sweet Little Rescue, Kyra. Everyone Asked To See Her Progress, Here She Is In All Of Her Glory!

My Boyfriend And My Cat Have A Special Bond…. I Feel Like The Third Wheel


Kitten Wheel


My Girlfriends Horse Got A New Friend


Head-Bump Loving Cats Are The Worst When They Have The Cone Of Shame!


Stopped My Car In Traffic To Save This Kitten.

The Smile That Made My Day


This Cat’s Face Is Making the Internet Uncomfortable

This world holds many weird or strange types of looking animals. We might have seen animals with different types of fur or skin colors, dimensions, etc. But have you ever seen an animal that looks like a face of a human being? This cat is guaranteed to make you feel a bit uncomfortable. The more you stare to look at its face the more unsettling you might feel.

Most of the people who have seen this cat said that the eyes are the main thing. Because this cat’s eyes have pretty much a human’s vision. They are more expressive and deep.

In reality, she was bred at the Catsvill County sanctuary in Moscow by Tatiana Rastorgueva, who specializes in Maine Coons. Rastorgueva has spent the last 16 years breeding these large cats to create what she describes as “definite” features

However, look at the photos down below and see for yourself. Comment us what do you think you love them or are you crept by them.

1. Our resting face is her resting face, as she legit looks like someone who isn’t a morning person.

Reddit | Pot_klaus

2. This is probably everyone’s face after long hours of work

3. Tired of existential dread

Reddit | Galina1952

4. This is also us frightened for life. Or today isn’t the best of this cat’s day

Twitter | @catsnkittys


Facebook | Tatiana Rastorgueva

6. Or generally they just don’t seem like they enjoy themselves pretty much.

Reddit | EHDAwesomeness

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