May 11, 2021

This Pigeon Made a Nest Out of Poppies Stolen From the Tomb of an Unknown Soldier

The staff of the Australian War Memorial located in Canberra, this October has noticed a strange incident. For some time, the poppies from an unknown soldier’s grave have been disappearing one by one. The staff after a bit, figure out that the culprit turned out to be a pigeon. This pigeon has been picking the flowers from the tomb to build a stunning, colorful nest by a stained glass window at the war memorial.

The war memorial told, that the glass window that was accidentally chosen by the bird commemorates the wounded soldier, which symbolizes the quality of “endurance”, and the nest of poppies nearby was a “reminder of the powerful bond between man and beast on the battlefield”.

Nowadays, pigeons may be considered to be very unpleasant birds, but throughout history, they have been useful allies during battle. In World War II, 32 pigeons received The PDSA Dickin Medal which is awarded to any animal displaying conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.

The Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial




Edward Dalmulder

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