April 22, 2021

Those Before and After Pics of Pets Are Like Day and Night

The images below are shining examples of how just 5 minutes can make a huge difference when it comes to animals.

Even a simple haircut has the power to make you wonder if it’s the same dog –  which is especially true after a wild trip to the dog park.

“Before and after getting his holiday look”

© maykuthj / reddit

A real cutie, even after getting a haircut

© ruby1990 / reddit

“After a trip to the groomer, I have a new stuffed toy.”

© Alrightletsride / imgur

The magic of a power wash

© KevlarYarmulke / credit

“I thought my wife brought the wrong dog back home.”

© august91 / reddit

Love and care do magic, even after 1-week

© unknown / imgur

“He caught me taking a picture of him.”

© mlayman13 / credit

“After he realized he didn’t get his treat first…”

© ermingtrout / credit

It must have been a huge relief!

© admiraljakbar / credit

After realizing it wasn’t a good idea to play in the mud…

© gpg2556 / credit

Before and after a special haircut

© vwdeadbug / credit

“Waiting for a walk was worth it!”

© lavacaker / credit

“After being told he’s the cutest”

© unknown / credit

“The day he was brought into the shelter vs after I adopted him”

© CountVowl / credit

“Before and after his first check-up”

© brittanihunnibee / credit

Before and after falling asleep — many of us can relate.

© StevePaing / credit

© allhailbobross / credit

Before and after the dog park

© xPvtPickle / credit

“He woke up when he heard the sound of me taking a picture.”

© betuwont / reddit

“Before and after adoption with his sister”

© zaaber55 / reddit