May 11, 2021

‘Today I Learned’ Online Community Shares Mind-blowing Knowledge That No School Will Ever Teach You

Everyday and more we learn new things that we never knew before. Most of these ‘hack’ that will help you get through life easier, and believe me none of the things you’re about to see below are the things that you learned in school. Remember all the math, chemistry, biology lessons which you’re teachers said you’re going to need them later in life, well let’s just finally admit that’s a lie.

Thanks to the Today I Learned’ subreddit, you’ll be able to learn some very interesting facts. With 25.2 million members, this group shares some of the greatest hacks that will open your eyes to many new things in life.

We’ve made a collection of some of the greatest lesson that no school will ever teach you. Scroll down below to get your mind blown with the new things you’re about to learn.

1. TIL Every fall, Alaska’s Katmai National Park hosts “Fat Bear Week” and crowns the park’s fattest brown bear. The aim is to highlight the park and wildlife conservation.


2. TIL That serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for happiness, can be toxic. When injected into skin it causes extreme pain and is a main ingredient of wasp venom


3. TIL laminated safety glass was invented by chemist Édouard Bénédictus after a lab accident in 1903. A glass flask coated with the plastic cellulose nitrate was dropped, shattering but not breaking into pieces. In 1909 he filed a patent, after hearing of a car accident causing injury by glass debris.


4. Today I learned about the Driftless Area; a rugged area of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and a minor part of Illinois that was completely missed by glaciers. It is roughly the size of West Virginia, and is home to huge bluffs, deep canyons, and rare species of plants found no where else.


5. TIL that in State v. Linkhaw, the North Carolina Supreme Court reversed the conviction of a man who sang so badly in church that a jury had found him guilty of “disturbing a religious congregation.”


6. TIL that citrus trees are almost always grafted and need to have their “suckers” removed if they’re growing from the original rootstock (below the grafting point). Letting them grow could overtake the “scion” variety meant to produce the edible fruit. The rootstock fruit is usually watery and bland


7. TIL Neither the FBI or New York recorded the 9/11 attack in the crime statistics report for 2001. They claimed this single event would skew the entire crime statistics program and therefore could not be counted as deaths in New York.


8. TIL that lithium, which is used to tread bipolar disorder, is found in a water supply, there is a reduction in the amount of violence and suicide in that population.


9. TIL The length of the Great Wall of China is more than half the circumference of the Earth


10. TIL that baby owls sleep down on their stomach because their heads are too heavy. They do that until they are large enough to sleep upright.

11. TIL Jerry Lewis never wore the same pair of socks twice. He would wear two or three brand-new pairs of sweat socks every day, going through up to 1000 pairs a year since the early 1950s. They were inexpensive and he paid retail. After wearing them once they were donated to orphanages or boys’ homes.


12. TIL during the Vietnam war, many American soldiers stationed in Japan went AWOL and fled to Sweden. Swedish PM Palme was vehemently against the war and promised that he would grant asylum to deserters.

13. TIL seahorse couples greet each other every morning with a dance, which sometimes involves changing colour. It is a way of reinforcing their bond and synchronising their reproductive cycles.

14. TIL country singer Loretta Lynn had more songs banned from radio than every other male country artist combined in the 20th century.

15. TIL that the CT scanner was invented by an electrical engineer working for EMI, the record company that signed the Beatles. His name was Godfrey Hounsfield and he performed the first CT in history by scanning his own brain.


16.TIL Jim Henson originally wanted the Muppets to be for adults and didn’t see his characters as a vehicle for children’s education and family entertainment. Indeed, the first envisioned something closer to South Park rather than Sesame Street and in the 1950s they did dark comedy in commercials. 

17. TIL The lack of an Oxford comma in the wording of a state law laying out what activities qualify a worker for overtime pay, more than 120 drivers for the Oakhurst Dairy became eligible for a multi-million settlement for unpaid overtime.

18. TIL that in 585 B.C., a solar eclipse occurred in the middle of a battle between the Lydians and the Medes. The darkening sky was interpreted as a sign by the soldiers, so they stopped fighting. As a result, a six-year war was ended.

19. TIL Joseph Strauss, the engineer of the golden Gate Bridge, mandated that a net be installed under the bridge for safety while being built. This was revolutionary at the time. The net caught 19 men who fell, saving all of them from a certain death.

20. TIL A Stolen teddy bear with dying mother’s voice has been returned after actor Ryan Reynolds, celebrities offered a $15,000 reward