April 18, 2021

Volunteer Buries Himself in Snow and Waits for the Rescue Dog to Save Him

We are all familiar with the old expression ‘Dogs are human’s best friends’, but now except the expression we have proof for it. They’re not just your best companions but also your best protectors that will do whatever they’re capable to keep you safe.

“Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England”, a charity dedicated to training rescue dogs to assist those in need in the wild, has recently uploaded a video in which this truth is once again reaffirmed.

In the video you can see a volunteer who has buried himself in the snow with a camera, and the way how the dog tries to brake the wall of snow with her body in attempt to save the person.

The name of the rescue dog is Flo. She is a 4-year-old rescue dog. The volunteers of this charity spent about 132 days of training per year taking 2-3 years to grade their dog. Their wonderful volunteer dogsbodies hide on hillsides in all weathers for the dogs to find.

Image credits: SARDAEngland

‘We’re on call 24/365. No government money, we’re funded by kind public donations’ was said in one posting shared by the Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England.