Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Trial Is A Wreck And These 30 Memes Sum It Up Perfectly

Even those who were not invested at first caught themselves eagerly waiting for the latest updates from the Depp v Heard trial. With the extensive media coverage of the court events, it would be difficult not to. It’s like a documentary drama, with every court hearing ending on a cliffhanger, making everyone kick one’s heels until the next ‘episode’ goes live.

Have a short brief of what’s currently happening for those still unaware: The Pirates Of The Caribbean star, Johnny Depp, 58, has sued his ex-wife, Amber Heard, 36, over a 2018 article she wrote for The Washington Post. The actress wrote that “two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse.” The “two years ago” period refers to when Depp and Heard were still married, from 2015 to 2016. Although Depp’s name was not mentioned in the article, he claimed that the publication cost him high-paying acting roles and afflicted his acting career.

The defamation trial has received massive public attention, with everyone deeply invested in how the events will unfold. So far, the court trial saw a fair bit of absurd yet hilarious moments, and people couldn’t hold themselves to react to what had happened. In the forms of memes, of course. Take a look.

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30 Times People Spotted Such Tragic Hair Accidents, They Just Had To Share The Pics In This Online Group

The good thing with hair is that it grows back. On the other side, it takes some time, and one weekend of “I’ll just chill at home this time” might not be enough. At a few points during the pandemic, we were all stuck at home with no barber shops and hair salons open, and let me tell you, it was not great. Lucky were those who had at least a drop of the skills that Edward Scissorhands had. But the rest of us, who can barely cut our nails with the non-dominant hand, were less fortunate.

Those times are (hopefully) in the past, and we’ve all got access to getting a coiffure. Yet, the expectations don’t always meet reality. Or, on other occasions, the final result turns out extremely bizarre and questionable. To put it nicely, we speak of hairstyles that just don’t look flattering on anyone. And yes, everyone has their own taste, and no one is here to judge. Instead, let’s take this post as honest and friendly advice on what haircut NOT to get. Actually, you do you, and who cares what others are thinking.

Well, there’s a whole corner of Reddit “dedicated to jacked up haircuts from all walks of life” and called ‘Just [Fudge] My [Stuff] Up.’ Yes, it’s not the actual name, but look it up yourself because the algorithm doesn’t appreciate particular vocabulary. We have collected some interesting, to say the least, hairdos from there, so just take a look!

More info: Reddit

#1 +10 Speed

Image source: SimplyJustZach

#2 I Can Smell It From Here

Image source: Bogbrushh

#3 Watched Blade 2 Last Night And Saw Ron Perlman Rocking This Insane Wrap Around Goatee

Image source: -Polyphony-

#4 Dude Really Picked This Haircut To Promote On Instagram

Image source: babycatslayer

#5 Iraqi TV Hairstyles Rock

Image source: SonaSierra19

#6 Fresh Cut Spotted On Bbc Sunday Morning

Image source: Nenies3110

#7 This One Needs No Introduction, Give My That Fresh Tarmac Look

Image source: PatonBMX

#8 F I ? R C ?

Image source: MartialWuxia

#9 1970s Barbershop Haircutting Guide

Image source: Colonelkittn

#10 Family Matters

Image source: theepussygrabber

#11 Googled “Mullet Black Man” And This Came Up, What Is This ?

Image source: YoYo_ismael

#12 Ummm

Image source: GetChecked__

#13 This Moustache/Soul Patch Combo

Image source: ramdom-ink

#14 Jfmsu Victorian Edition

Image source: nudecalebsforfree

#15 Do You Like My Bangs?

Image source: buttersilva

#16 Just Like The Photo Please

Image source: He11scythe

#17 Whoever Did It To Em Bogus

Image source: SnooAvocados2656

#18 This Alumnus Of The Lollipop Guild On Divorce Court

Image source: Glandular_Trichome

#19 She Just Got Out The Paint Booth

Image source: charlieboyx

#20 Found A Hairstyles Book From 1998 At The Thrift Store

Image source: DaBaddestB

#21 Toothbrush

Image source: this-is-plaridel

#22 Saw This In The Dmv

Image source: jon0509

#23 Johnny Bravo

Image source: Random_Average_Human

#24 Jfmsu 1960s Edition

Image source: nudecalebsforfree

#25 My Local Senate Candidate’s Beard Is Trying To Escape His Face

Image source: ConsumerOfFood

#26 This Lady On An Hbo Documentary I Was Watching

Image source: Fella_in_Paris_

#27 You’d Survive A 500 Feet Fall If You Landed In His Hair

Image source: BlackDragonDCR

#28 Gotta Learn To Share

Image source: JeznyBezny

#29 Who Let Them Leave The House Like This

Image source: comradetoad

#30 This Vertical Half-Bald Cut

Image source: dukorider

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