‘That’s It, I’m Home Shaming’: 480K Members Of This Facebook Group Make Fun Of Ugly Homes, And Here Are The Worst Of The Bunch (20 Pics)

Your home is your canvas on which you design your art. The things you put in your home, and how you arrange them to design your space are a reflection of yourself as if it was an art. Your home is your masterpiece.

But for the folks in the Facebook group, That’s it, I’m home shaming; there are home designs that are quite questionable. In this article, we showcase 20 of the best, or, should I say, the worst, home design fails from the online group. So prepare your eyes to see a series of terrible room designs and horrible home designs that will make you say “Nope!”

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#1 I’m Not Sure If It Was The Face On The Toilet Tank That Put It Over The Top, Or What…

Image source: Lara Carroll

#2 Nope

Image source: Lara Carroll

#3 This Is In An Upstairs Of A House Listed In My Area. What?! Why?!

Image source: Sarah Kotsovolos

#4 Spider-Man: “How’d That Get In There..?”

Image source: Cameron Shepherd

#5 I Have So Many Questions About What’s Up With This Basement In Pickens Sc….

Image source: Shannon Noel Halliday

#6 I Feel Like This Remodeled Kitchen/Eat In Area Is Missing A Stripper Pole

Image source: Lara Carroll

#7 This Is An Average Split Level About 2,000 Sq Ft. This Is The Living Room. I’m Not Sure What Its Purpose Is

Image source: Lara Carroll

#8 This Is Just

Image source: Jayda Penland

#9 What About This Mid Century Toilet In The Home?

Image source: Mylene Hui Davis

#10 This Is The “After” She Got Done Redecorating

Image source: Lara Carroll

#11 I Was Looking At Airbnb’s And I Found This Gem

Image source: Sage Forholt

#12 12-Story Private Home

Image source: Dawn Kelley

#13 It’s Colorful

Image source: Jessica Lee

#14 My House Hunt Found This Beauty

Image source: Anabelle Martin

#15 Don’t Know If It’s Been Posted Yet But…. Pflugerville Texas Represent!!!!

Image source: Joe Linguine

#16 I Assume A Business Not A House. But Ya Never Know

Image source: Aiyana Lutkiewicz

#17 In Our Home Search….i Have Seen Some Odd Things…. But I Have Looked At This Photo A Hundred Times…. And Still Cannot Figure Out Why In The Heck… Would A Bathtub Not Only Be In The Living Room…. But At The Bottom Of The Stairs

Image source: Stacy Morris

#18 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 18 Car Garage. Perfect Design

Image source: Layne Kvall

#19 Was Looking Through Listings When I Came Upon This

Image source: Heidi JM

#20 Could Be Worse

Image source: Estrella Castra

Photoshop Troll Who Takes Photo Requests Too Literally Strikes Again, And The Results Are Hilarious (10 Pics)

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And there’s no better Photoshop artist we can recommend than the legendary James Fridman! Do you want to make your partner look remotely happy with you? Do you want to remove a person from the scene? No worries! James can get the job done. Below, we present the best 10 of his recent edits that really “fulfilled” what the client requested.

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | jamesfridman.com


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source: fjamie013


Image source: fjamie013


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source: fjamie013


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman

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