Photoshop Troll Who Takes Photo Requests Too Literally Strikes Again, And The Results Are Hilarious (10 Pics)

For some, editing photos in Photoshop can be a hard task. There are just too many things to unpack, too many buttons that you have to learn what they do, and layers! What are they? So, if you’re a Photoshop newbie, you may just rely on someone to do the Photoshop work for you.

And there’s no better Photoshop artist we can recommend than the legendary James Fridman! Do you want to make your partner look remotely happy with you? Do you want to remove a person from the scene? No worries! James can get the job done. Below, we present the best 10 of his recent edits that really “fulfilled” what the client requested.

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Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source: fjamie013


Image source: fjamie013


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source: fjamie013


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman

This Online Community Is Dedicated To Calling Out People Who Edit Their Photos Way Too Much, And Here’s 20 Of Their Best Posts

Sometimes, we are not confident with how we present ourselves online. But the advantage of posting ourselves online is that we can modify our looks a bit – something we can’t do in person. So a little filter and light adjustments won’t hurt a bit.

However, some decided to take a more rigorous path to “improve” their looks. They decided to give their photos a go in Photoshop. The thing is that they edited their images too much that they look much worse in the end, and that’s where the members of the Instagram Reality subreddit come in. Below, we compiled 20 of the Photoshop edit fails featured in the community that will make you cringe at the outcomes!

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#1 Never Heard Of Skin Texture

Image source: KirkDuyt

#2 Red Carpet vs. Instagram

Image source: dabombdotmom

#3 Her Skin Looks So Much Smoother On Instagram

Image source: Adventurous_Cash_356

#4 Found This Random Ig Model And I’m Genuinely Terrified

Image source: Crazy_Slice

#5 I’m Scared She’s So Close

Image source: SovietBatman64

#6 I Don’t Even Have Words For This One

Image source: bow_ski

#7 Snapchat Celeb In The Middle East

Image source: heightsofsorrow

#8 She’s From Finland And Gets Upset When People Claim That She Edits Her Pics

Image source: gunsunflower

#9 Slenderwoman On Holiday

Image source: Lucky-Worth

#10 If This Were A Real Woman I Would Run Away Screaming

Image source: nardpuncher

#11 Tri-Legged Model In The Wild

Image source: RichelleTiffany

#12 The Persistence Of Memory By Salvador Dali, 1934

Image source: ScaldingTea

#13 Same Picture Posted By Each Sibling On Their Account

Image source: chaic

#14 Found This On Pinterest For “Long Hair” Made Me Laugh

Image source: Harlequin-mermaid

#15 Thanks For Asking, We Are A Naturally Poreless Couple

Image source: oaoao

#16 No Words

Image source: urbnngun

#17 This Is Getting Ridiculous – 63 Year Old With 22 Year Old Son – Featuring 70 Year Old Hand

Image source: BlackOpz

#18 For The Love Of God Please Let This Be A Joke

Image source: atomicalexx

#19 I’m Sorry, What???

Image source: madgraffics

#20 A Guy From My Hometown, Bet You Wont Be Able To Guess Which Photo Is The Tagged One

Image source: CardAdministrative21

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