Someone Online Wondered: “What Is The Most Inappropriate Piece Of Clothing Someone Has Worn To A Job Interview?“, And 20 Folks Delivered

Other than worrying about how you will impress a potential employer, one thing first gets noticed the moment you walk through the door – the clothes you are wearing. And don’t get me wrong, in no way that should be the criteria for how fitting you are for the job. Yet, it’s something worth thinking about, especially if the position requires a specific dress code.

Of course, it all depends on the position you are applying for. Some companies are more relaxed when it comes to dressing style. Yet, it might not be the best choice to rock sweatpants for an estate agent job. But you do you!

This online user found it intriguing to learn more about what one SHOULD NOT wear to a job interview. They asked, “Employers of Reddit, what is the most inappropriate piece of clothing someone has worn to a job interview?” And 12.3K upvotes and 3.6K comments later, the Reddit user got the answers they were looking for. Turns out, there are specific clothing pieces one should avoid wearing to a job interview, according to the employers of Reddit.

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#1 Wet Hair, Bathing Suit And A Cover-Up

Image source: bindingtoggle11

A few years back, I had someone show up fresh out of the swimming pool. Hair wet. Bathing suit and cover up on. Still wet. Hadn’t taken the time to dry off. I went through the interview and a test simulation of the job with her. She actually did very well at the simulation. When I took her to see my boss that made the ultimate decision, he took one look and said no. Didn’t ask about the simulation or anything, just no.

#2 A Tight Muscle Shirt

Image source: hestianvirgin

A tight muscle shirt. It’s great that you work out, big guy, but it’s not a gym. Plus he only worked his glamour muscles. He was thick around the middle. Dude, at least give the office a show.

#3 Pajamas

Image source: sasamikowa89

PJs she was pulled out of bed and brought to me and my boss for an interview she didn’t know she was having. After 5 minutes we offered her a job and she actually turned out really well.

#4 Harley T-Shirt, Hat And A Half-Smoked Cigarette Behind Ear

Image source: Hamfiter

A guy in a Harley t-shirt came by applying for a job. What was so special was his Harley hat and the half smoked and butted out cigarette he had behind his ear. I actually thought it was a practical joke or something.

#5 Tight Yoga Pants

Image source: deleted

Had a candidate come in for a recruiting role. She was young and beautiful. But she was wearing some of the tightest yoga pants ever. Nothing was left to the imagination. Her top looked great though.

#6 A Stained White Shirt

Image source: Sleep_Debt

I have one from just last month!

This guy was coming in to interview for a Financial Advisor program. Everyone in our office dresses very professional, and most people I interview are dressed in their best suits.

This gentlemen came in wearing a stained white dress shirt, with a yellow tinted white undershirt. I forget what kind of pants, but he had a cloth “joker” belt (why so serious written all over it with the jokers face) neon green and black that he didnt loop through the rest of his pants and was swaying around when walking. He also had very long creepy finger nails that were very dirty and he kept rolling and rubbing his fingers together to get the dirt off subconsciously.

The icing on the cake was he coughed and snorted something up very loudly, then swallowed it, then loudly commented “Nice!”.

Somehow this guy aced our assessments and put together a great resume, but was just the exact opposite of professional.

We are still not sure if he was trying to f**k with us, or was that terribly oblivious. I just assumed he was interviewing for someone else, like Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting.

#7 Athletic Wear With Some Rollerblades On

Image source: jmdobosh1

I was the person! This was 20 years ago, and I had just moved to the city. I was 17 and spent 3 weeks working as a hostess at Denny’s. A friend asked if I wanted to go rollerblading, so I was strapped into my roller blades and was wearing athletic wear. She then pulled up to her gym, had me walk in my roller blades up to the second story where the daycare was, and told me that I was interviewing for the Nanny job that she heard was available. I actually got the job because the woman who owned the gym was impressed that I could climb stairs in my roller blades!

#8 A Polo With Competitor’s Logo On It

Image source: aero_girl

He wore a polo.

….with our competitor’s logo on it.

#9 Harvard T-Shirt, Jacket And Sweatpants

Image source: WooIWorthWaIIaby

I worked in the US Senate a couple years back.

We were interviewing about half a dozen candidates for a pretty junior position. One of the interviewees was wearing a Harvard tee shirt, a Harvard jacket, and Harvard sweatpants. We were astounded.

The first question my coworker asked was “Did you go to Harvard?”. The guy did, and he handled the rest of the interview surprisingly well. He didn’t get the job but he did become a running joke in the office for a while.

#10 A Very Short Skirt

Image source: xnormajeanx

I interviewed a young woman who wore a skirt so short I did actually see her underwear when she sat down. The underwear was pink. I gave her feedback later that she should have worn a suit. This was for a business analyst role. Everyone else was wearing a suit.

#11 Suit And Sandals With Socks

Image source: boppitywop

Suit, tie, Black socks, brown sandals.

#12 American Flag Tank Top And Swim Trunks

Image source: SpicyBoi20

I saw one guy come from the country club pool in an American flag tank top and swim trunks to the clubs golf cart boy interview. He didn’t get the job and then came back a week later in a full suit apologizing for his previous attire.

#13 Sweatpants And A Bleach Stained Sweater

Image source: urbanlulu

i’m a receptionist at a law firm, and back in the winter we were hiring for a new legal assistant. we had this lady come in through a hiring company, and she straight up told the hiring company and us that she wasn’t going to dress professionally because she feels “we shouldn’t judge her on her looks or how she dresses for an interview”

she literally came in wearing a ratty pair of sweat pants and a bleached stained sweater and honestly she had this sense of entitlement that came off as rude when i greeted her. needless to say she didn’t get the job

#14 Ninja Turtle Pajamas And More

Image source: deleted

I was a recruitment manager for a call centre and Oh man, let me list a few:

1. 20 something-year-old strolling in with sweatpants that say “I SMOKE WEED 420” all over them. Literally.

2. a t-shirt that said “I hate work”

3. A giant gold necklace that said “B***H”

4. leggings with way too much camel toe

5. a stripper who came to her interview straight from work.

6. An old man who for some reason made holes in his shirt for his nipples to be exposed.

7. ninja turtle pajamas

8. A man who actually wore decent clothing but then tried to take off his clothing and lay ‘like a plank’ on the lobby floor. When he went to the elevator, he burned off the buttons with a lighter.

None of this is made up. What an experience.

#15 “Flesh” Color Leggings

Image source: ConneryFTW

A pair of flesh colored leggings that made her look as if she wasn’t wearing pants at all, a sweatshirt that opened in the front, that had been pulled to the side a bit to reveal a lacy camisole top. We work as therapists. No f***ing way she got that job.

For more info, both her wig and glasses were askew. There was an odor somewhere between human and cat urine. And about halfway through she asked if she could take a break because she left her car running to charge her phone.

#16 “Lucky” Pink Thong

Image source: thonger123

Not an employer, but I – a dude – had a lucky pink thong under my pants for an interview. Got the job. Would wear again.

#17 Homecoming Dress

Image source: pewter_scooter

Homecoming dress. She knew she was supposed to dress up for the interview, and that was the nicest thing she had. I felt so bad; she was incredibly embarrassed. It was her first real interview, and in the end, I gave her credit for at least putting in the effort.

#18 A White T-Shirt Full Of Holes

Image source: TheCrimsonCourtesan

Back when I was an hourly manager at Walmart, a guy came in with greasy hair, a white t-shirt full of holes, and sweat pants. AND to top it all off, he looked like he had a semi…

Surprisingly he didn’t smell, and the clothes actually looked clean- so that was good? But still, I gave him a hard no, but the overnight assistant gave him the go. Because he wasnt going to be on her shift, and she thought it was hilarious.

This guy was a f**king nightmare. Wore that same “outfit”, now never washed, almost daily. Smelled like death, a*s, and cumin. And he was crazy. We were finally able to fire him after he pulled out his pocket knife and cut his coworker. Thankfully the cut didn’t cause any real damage to the kid.

#19 An Extremely Short Dress

Image source: invictus21083

An extremely short dress.

But, I ended up hiring her because she had experience. Turned out she was pregnant, coming from school, and her husband had met her at the interview site so she could change clothes and that is what he had brought. She was so embarrassed, but did not have time to go home and change into something else.

She ended up being the best worker I had ever hired.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

#20 Submitted A Torso Photo With No Shirt On

Image source: Throwaway7219017

I worked with a guy who applied to the local big city Fire Department. Apparently all candidates had to submit a passport type photo of themselves, although I fail to see how that’s relevant. Diversity quota perhaps?

Anyways, this guy was a gym nut and also sent a full head and torso photo of himself, with no shirt on. When I asked him why, he replied “So they know I’m not a twink.”

Well, it must have worked, as Twinky is now a firefighter.

30 Times People Spotted Such Tragic Hair Accidents, They Just Had To Share The Pics In This Online Group

The good thing with hair is that it grows back. On the other side, it takes some time, and one weekend of “I’ll just chill at home this time” might not be enough. At a few points during the pandemic, we were all stuck at home with no barber shops and hair salons open, and let me tell you, it was not great. Lucky were those who had at least a drop of the skills that Edward Scissorhands had. But the rest of us, who can barely cut our nails with the non-dominant hand, were less fortunate.

Those times are (hopefully) in the past, and we’ve all got access to getting a coiffure. Yet, the expectations don’t always meet reality. Or, on other occasions, the final result turns out extremely bizarre and questionable. To put it nicely, we speak of hairstyles that just don’t look flattering on anyone. And yes, everyone has their own taste, and no one is here to judge. Instead, let’s take this post as honest and friendly advice on what haircut NOT to get. Actually, you do you, and who cares what others are thinking.

Well, there’s a whole corner of Reddit “dedicated to jacked up haircuts from all walks of life” and called ‘Just [Fudge] My [Stuff] Up.’ Yes, it’s not the actual name, but look it up yourself because the algorithm doesn’t appreciate particular vocabulary. We have collected some interesting, to say the least, hairdos from there, so just take a look!

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Image source: SimplyJustZach

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Image source: Bogbrushh

#3 Watched Blade 2 Last Night And Saw Ron Perlman Rocking This Insane Wrap Around Goatee

Image source: -Polyphony-

#4 Dude Really Picked This Haircut To Promote On Instagram

Image source: babycatslayer

#5 Iraqi TV Hairstyles Rock

Image source: SonaSierra19

#6 Fresh Cut Spotted On Bbc Sunday Morning

Image source: Nenies3110

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Image source: MartialWuxia

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Image source: Colonelkittn

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Image source: theepussygrabber

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Image source: YoYo_ismael

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Image source: GetChecked__

#13 This Moustache/Soul Patch Combo

Image source: ramdom-ink

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Image source: nudecalebsforfree

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Image source: buttersilva

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Image source: He11scythe

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Image source: SnooAvocados2656

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Image source: this-is-plaridel

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#24 Jfmsu 1960s Edition

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Image source: JeznyBezny

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#30 This Vertical Half-Bald Cut

Image source: dukorider

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