25 Of The Worst Birthday Fails, As Shared By These People Online

Waiting for your birthdays becomes a lot less exciting when you get older. At first, you are waiting for your 16th birthday to get your driver’s license. When you turn 21, you can finally buy some booze without asking for an older friend to do it. And perhaps at the age of 25, you realize that you are actually just getting older, bringing you closer to the retirement age each year.

And until someone finally locates the eternal fountain of youth, that’s how life works. Yet, everyone deserves at least a day in a year to shower with love and attention. It’s an opportunity for your friends and loved ones to show you how much you mean to them. It’s the day to celebrate growth and make new wishes and aspirations. And ultimately, be grateful for another year you got to experience the pleasures of living.

Yet, life is unpredictable, and the fortune doesn’t care if it’s your birthday. It can throw lemons at you anytime, whether you want it or not. And it seems that a bunch of people had to face mishaps on their birthdays. The best part is that they put their worst birthday fails on the internet for our entertainment. Oh, you poor souls. Hopefully, the next one is better!

#1 Got My Son A Dinosaur Balloon At The Grocery Store For His Birthday. Here It Is

Image source: MobileMiddle1824

#2 My Brother Had His Window And His Life’s Belongings All Stolen From His Van On His Birthday Yesterday. Feels Bad

Image source: WinNicely

#3 My Friend’s Dad Took His Mom To See The Sound Of Music For Her Birthday Present Today. This Was His View

Image source: DIFTHEGIANT

#4 I Told My Fiancé I Got Him The Perfect 30th Birthday Cake. It Wasn’t What He Expected

Image source: MaliceMes

#5 Went To The Store To Pickup A Candle For My Daughter’s Birthday, Guess How Old She’s Turning?

Image source: wtfbananaboat

#6 A “Friend” Staying Over For The Week Had A Slice Of My Mom’s Birthday Cake Before We Sang Happy Birthday

Image source: The18YONormie

#7 The Toilet At My Friend’s 18th Birthday Party Broke, Flooded Two Rooms And Trapped Us In With A Poop Water

Image source: mossyfen

#8 Barbecue Went Up In Flames On My Grandad’s Birthday

Image source: Jimbob_Shannon

#9 This Shirt At A Kid’s Birthday Party

Image source: TBbtk

#10 Thanks To The A-Hole Who Stole My 14th Birthday Money. I Hope You’re Happy

Image source: Hexxu

#11 Are Baking Fails Tolerated Here? My Birthday Cake Just Had A Nose Dive

Image source: shapeshif7er

#12 So A Girl At A Restaurant Who Took A Group Photo For My Friends’ Birthday Dinner Managed To Capture The Very Instant I Noticed Her Hair Catching On Fire

Image source: Savviie

#13 On My 29th Birthday I Had Two Seizures, Fell Off My Bed, And Fractured My Spine In Two Places. I Now Have To Wear A Back Brace For 2-3 Months

Image source: BoLaVo

#14 Heard A Loud Splat From The Kitchen, Turns Out My Mother Had Just Dropped My Birthday “Cake”

Image source: Connie______

#15 Someone My Fiance Knows Did This For Their Daughter’s First Birthday

Image source: DarthLemur89

#16 For My Son’s 1st Birthday, I Give You The Cake We Ordered And The Cake We Got

Image source: jstehlick

#17 I’m On A Lockdown Due To The Covid-19, This Is How My 18th Birthday Party Is Looking

Image source: ffSpartan

#18 I Asked For “Happy Birthday” On My Husband’s Cake But Got This Instead Today

Image source: TheTokenWoman

#19 When You’re So Excited To Make Your BF Open His First Birthday Present From An Amazon Shipment And It Happens To Be The Wrong Package Filled With Kitty Litter

Image source: margaurita

#20 Family Friend Hired Spongebob For A Birthday Party. Man Covered In Sponges Appears

Image source: toss_my_potatoes

#21 When You Try To Surprise Him With An Oreo Cake And You Drop It… Then Catch It On The Cabinets

Image source: caraika05

#22 I Ordered My Son’s Birthday Cake. I Asked Them To Put XI (Roman Numeral) And Underneath That Write Xavius (His Name). This Is What They Made

Image source: danielle.queenb

#23 We Bought Some Decorations For A Birthday In The Household, And Both Of Them Are Somehow Spelt Incorrectly. Happt Birthdat And Celebraae

Image source: QuantifyYouTube

#24 First Time Ever Making Waffles For My Husband’s Birthday Breakfast

Image source: Lululabear

#25 Happy Birthday And Psychological Trauma

Image source: FarmWhileTeamFights

30 Times People Spotted Such Tragic Hair Accidents, They Just Had To Share The Pics In This Online Group

The good thing with hair is that it grows back. On the other side, it takes some time, and one weekend of “I’ll just chill at home this time” might not be enough. At a few points during the pandemic, we were all stuck at home with no barber shops and hair salons open, and let me tell you, it was not great. Lucky were those who had at least a drop of the skills that Edward Scissorhands had. But the rest of us, who can barely cut our nails with the non-dominant hand, were less fortunate.

Those times are (hopefully) in the past, and we’ve all got access to getting a coiffure. Yet, the expectations don’t always meet reality. Or, on other occasions, the final result turns out extremely bizarre and questionable. To put it nicely, we speak of hairstyles that just don’t look flattering on anyone. And yes, everyone has their own taste, and no one is here to judge. Instead, let’s take this post as honest and friendly advice on what haircut NOT to get. Actually, you do you, and who cares what others are thinking.

Well, there’s a whole corner of Reddit “dedicated to jacked up haircuts from all walks of life” and called ‘Just [Fudge] My [Stuff] Up.’ Yes, it’s not the actual name, but look it up yourself because the algorithm doesn’t appreciate particular vocabulary. We have collected some interesting, to say the least, hairdos from there, so just take a look!

More info: Reddit

#1 +10 Speed

Image source: SimplyJustZach

#2 I Can Smell It From Here

Image source: Bogbrushh

#3 Watched Blade 2 Last Night And Saw Ron Perlman Rocking This Insane Wrap Around Goatee

Image source: -Polyphony-

#4 Dude Really Picked This Haircut To Promote On Instagram

Image source: babycatslayer

#5 Iraqi TV Hairstyles Rock

Image source: SonaSierra19

#6 Fresh Cut Spotted On Bbc Sunday Morning

Image source: Nenies3110

#7 This One Needs No Introduction, Give My That Fresh Tarmac Look

Image source: PatonBMX

#8 F I ? R C ?

Image source: MartialWuxia

#9 1970s Barbershop Haircutting Guide

Image source: Colonelkittn

#10 Family Matters

Image source: theepussygrabber

#11 Googled “Mullet Black Man” And This Came Up, What Is This ?

Image source: YoYo_ismael

#12 Ummm

Image source: GetChecked__

#13 This Moustache/Soul Patch Combo

Image source: ramdom-ink

#14 Jfmsu Victorian Edition

Image source: nudecalebsforfree

#15 Do You Like My Bangs?

Image source: buttersilva

#16 Just Like The Photo Please

Image source: He11scythe

#17 Whoever Did It To Em Bogus

Image source: SnooAvocados2656

#18 This Alumnus Of The Lollipop Guild On Divorce Court

Image source: Glandular_Trichome

#19 She Just Got Out The Paint Booth

Image source: charlieboyx

#20 Found A Hairstyles Book From 1998 At The Thrift Store

Image source: DaBaddestB

#21 Toothbrush

Image source: this-is-plaridel

#22 Saw This In The Dmv

Image source: jon0509

#23 Johnny Bravo

Image source: Random_Average_Human

#24 Jfmsu 1960s Edition

Image source: nudecalebsforfree

#25 My Local Senate Candidate’s Beard Is Trying To Escape His Face

Image source: ConsumerOfFood

#26 This Lady On An Hbo Documentary I Was Watching

Image source: Fella_in_Paris_

#27 You’d Survive A 500 Feet Fall If You Landed In His Hair

Image source: BlackDragonDCR

#28 Gotta Learn To Share

Image source: JeznyBezny

#29 Who Let Them Leave The House Like This

Image source: comradetoad

#30 This Vertical Half-Bald Cut

Image source: dukorider

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