30 Interesting And Important Historical Images That Might Change Your Perspective On Things, As Shared On This Facebook Page

History will never be out of our interest. We always take an interest in how things have turned out now compared to what they used to be, and also in random images of a bygone era.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Facebook page Things From The Past. There, they post pictures of objects, pictures, and events from the past. Yes, even events: good events that we wish we could turn back our clocks to and bad events that we shouldn’t forget but won’t allow happening again.

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#1 Portrait Of A Filipina/Chinese Woman From The Philippines, 1875 Photo By Francisco Van Camp

Image source: Historyinpictures

#2 Miss America, 1924

Image source: Historyinpictures

#3 The Gardener At Stonehenge Mowing The Lawn, C. 1955

Image source: Historyinpictures

#4 Wedding Rings Removed From Holocaust Victims Before They Were Executed, 1945

Image source: Historyinpictures

#5 People In Times Square, New York City Celebrate The Surrender Of Germany, May 7th, 1945

Image source: Historyinpictures

#6 7000-Year-Old Neolithic Figurines From Romania, Called “The Thinker” And “The Sitting Woman”

Image source: Historyinpictures

#7 1,500-Year-Old Ceramic Maya Figurine With Removable Helmet, From El Perú-Waka, Petén, Guatemala

Image source: Historyinpictures

#8 Hattie Tom, A Young Chiricahua Apache, 1899

Image source: Historyinpictures

#9 Blackfoot Chief Two Guns White Calf, Early 1900s

Image source: Historyinpictures

#10 Portrait Of Ah-Weh-Eyu (Pretty Flower), Of The Seneca Nation, 1908. Photo By J.l. Blessing

Image source: Historyinpictures

#11 A California Teacher Teaching The Physics Of Surfing, 1970

Image source: Historyinpictures

#12 The Wedding Portrait Of A Married Khalkha Mongolian Couple, 1920s

Image source: Historyinpictures

#13 Children In Minobashi Raincoats Going To A New Year’s Event, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, 1956

Image source: Historyinpictures

#14 Albert Einstein Teaching At Lincoln, The United State’s First Historical Black University, 1946

Image source: Historyinpictures

#15 Bison Paintings In The Cave Of Altamira, Spain. They Were Painted Over 20,000 Years Between 35,000 And 15,000 Bc

Image source: Historyinpictures

#16 Iron Workers On The North Tower Of The World Trade Center In 1973

Image source: Historyinpictures

#17 Electric Cars Charging, 1917

Image source: Historyinpictures

#18 Buzz Aldrin, First Self-Portrait In Space. 1966

Image source: Historyinpictures

#19 Camberley Kate, A.k.a. Kate Ward, And Her Stray Dogs In England In 1962. She Never Turned A Stray Dog Away, Taking Care Of More Than 600 Dogs In Her Lifetime

Image source: Historyinpictures

#20 Serving A Snack On Scandinavian Airlines Flight, 1969

Image source: Historyinpictures

#21 Men Of The Seaforth Highlanders Rest In A Trench With A Dog During Ww1, 1915

Image source: Historyinpictures

#22 Sister Mary Kenneth Keller, The First Woman To Earn A Doctorate In Computer Science In The United States, 1965

Image source: Historyinpictures

#23 Country Store On Dirt Road, North Carolina In 1939

Image source: Historyinpictures

#24 Mom Uses A Trash Can To Contain Her Baby While She Crochets In The Park, 1969

Image source: Historyinpictures

#25 Women Delivering Ice, 1918

Image source: Historyinpictures

#26 4000-Year-Old Writing Board By An Egyptian Student With Teacher’s Spelling Corrections In Red

Image source: Historyinpictures

#27 A 4,500-Year-Old Egyptian Bead Dre

Image source: Historyinpictures

#28 London Punks And A Surprised Grandmother, 1982

Image source: Historyinpictures

#29 Microsoft Staff. December 7, 1978

Image source: Historyinpictures

#30 One Of The Most Beautiful Trains Ever Made, The ‘Mercury’ Streamliner, Designed In Art Deco-Style By Henry Dreyfuss For The New York Central Railroad. Here’s One Captured In Chicago In 1936

Image source: Historyinpictures

30 Times People Renovated Their Homes And Discovered Surprising Things Left Behind By The Previous Owners

Treasures are often found in faraway lands. After all, if you were to hide your riches, why would you hide them in a place everybody can access? There are treasures underground, in mines, in metallic ores. Also, if you’ve watched some pirate movies, there’s even a map to some far-off island towards a treasure chest.

But why do you need a map when you can go treasure hunting at home? That’s right! And these 30 people would love to agree after they found rare and valuable items just in their homes, after being renovated! Check out this list of interesting items they found!

#1 While Tearing Up Their Carpet, My In-Laws Found A Giant Monopoly Board

Image source: Yamaha234

#2 Found An Old Monopoly Set In The Walls Of My 1925 House

Image source: murphman84

#3 Found Old Newspapers Used As Insulation In The Wall Of A 130-Year-Old House

Image source: shepherdish

#4 There’s A Dried Flower In This 165 Years Old Latin Book I Just Found In Our Attic

Image source: yepjeeway

#5 This Yardstick I Found In My Attic Is Old Enough To Have A 1 Digit Phone Number

Image source: Cog_HS

#6 My Grandfather And I, Found A WWII Purple Heart While Renovating A House He Just Bought

Image source: OnlyZuul666

#7 This Confederate Currency I Found In My Uncle’s Attic

Image source: draculasdrabdick

#8 Refitting Our New Houses Loft (Attic) And Found £500 Of 1981 Currency Wrapped In Insulation

Image source: Furryxian

#9 My Wife And I Are Upgrading Our Kitchen. We Found This Fossil Under The Floor Boards

Image source: cameronsounds

#10 Found This While Renovating. Any Idea? Bomb Squad On The Way

Image source: clark_harrison

#11 Renovating My Bedroom And Found This

Image source: TinTinmwt

#12 I Was Cleaning My Attic And Found A Doll House TV With The Twin Towers On It

Image source: graemel9

#13 Found These (On The Left) Under Old Carpet When We Got Stairs Re-Carpeted. 10 Months After We Moved In Found “Minton” Or Possibly “Pugin” Tiles In The Hallway Under A Laminate

Image source: claire_flynn

#14 Found A Steam Room And Hot Tub In My Basement, Behind A Wall During Demolition

Image source: FeedtheFat

#15 We Have A 23-19! My Friend Found A Monsters Inc. Door While Doing A Recent Renovation

Image source: Stanleeallen

#16 Beautiful Drawing Found Behind A Wall While Renovating Our Bathroom

Image source: yerkab

#17 Collection Of Reference Seeds Found In My Grandad’s Attic

Image source: HungryBanana07

#18 Found A Hidden Attic While Doing A Renovation. It Was A Door To A Hidden Room With Old War Time Newspapers, An Old Bed And Old Photos On The Walls

Image source: lordjayy

#19 Found A Beehive While Renovating An Old House

Image source: blokeman

#20 I Took A Knife To The Lino In The Bathroom And Found The Original Edwardian Tiles. My Great Great Grandmother Was A Housemaid Here In Cupar In The 1880s

Image source: katecowcher

#21 Found This Locked Safe Under The Carpet Of An Estate Home I Recently Purchased

Image source: upsidefirstdown

#22 Found 83 Gold Coins At The Bottom Of A Coal Container After Renovating The House

Image source: DiaBoLo73

#23 Found Original Homeowner In The Walls Of A Teardown

Image source: widewhiskers

#24 Found In A Wall In Vermont

Image source: Stalliewag

#25 Renovation Find

Image source: alpalal

#26 My House Is Built On An Indian Burial Site. I Am Replacing The Furnace, And I Found This Under The Old Furnace

Image source: thefoodguru

#27 We Tore Up Some Carpeting In Our House Expecting Concrete But Instead Found This 70’s Masterpiece

Image source: CallistoChemical

#28 I Took A Wall Out Of My Closet And Found A Makeshift Passageway. With A Large, Heavy, Creepy Basket In It. And The Basket Was Not Empty

Image source: codymanboy, codymanboy

#29 My Friend Found An Invite To Walt Disney’s Daughter’s Wedding While Renovating His House In LA

Image source: jmlwant

#30 Found A Marriage Certificate From 1895 In A Flooded Cabin We Renovated

Image source: jsparker43

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