“Lost In History”: 30 Of The Most Interesting Pics From The 20th Century, Shared By This Instagram Page

History is vast – no matter how many books you read, you may never know enough. However, little snippets of information are available everywhere online to enrich your knowledge about history. For instance, take the Instagram account ‘Lost In History‘. It is filled with wonderful tidbits of information and images that might help you see the past in a new light.

The Instagram page shares some amazing photos from the 20th century and helps people understand the past society that is almost forgotten. Check out some of the most interesting pictures highlighting the people and cultures from the history.

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#1 In 1922, Scientists Entered A Ward Of Dying Children, All In Comatose Diabetic Ketoacidosis, And Injected A New Drug (Insulin) Into Them As Families Were Already Beginning To Grieve

Image source: lostinhistorypics

Before they had injected the last person on the ward, the first woke up. One by one, all of the children awoke from their diabetic comas. A room of death and gloom, became a place of joy and hope.

#2 She Was 11 When WWI Started, 36 When WWII Started, 74 When Star Wars Released And 116 When Covid-19 Started. And Her Name Is Kane Tanaka As The World’s Oldest Living Person At Age 118 Years

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#3 A Member Of The Harlem Hellfighters (369th Infantry Regiment) Poses For The Camera While Holding A Puppy He Saved During World War 1, 1918

Image source: lostinhistorypics

The Harlem Hellfighters was a regiment made up of decorated Black soldiers who fought as part of the French army because the U.S. did not allow Black soldiers to fight alongside white soldiers. The French accepted the Harlem Hellfighters with open arms and did not racially segregate them.

During World War 1, they fought on the front lines for 191 days, longer than any other American unit. And as a result, suffered the most casualties of any American regiment—losing approximately 1,500 men. Despite the heavy death toll and the poor replacement system, the Harlem Hellfighters never lost a trench or a foot of ground to the enemy; none of them became prisoners of war. Not only were they one of the most successful regiments of World War 1, but they also helped bring Jazz to France.

Upon returning home, the Harlem Hellfighters received a welcome parade in New York City; a privilege that was denied to them before they had left for war. However, the celebrations were short lived as the summer of 1919 became known as the Red Summer, in which the country saw some of the worst racial violence since the Civil War.

The Harlem Hellfighters who dreamed of returning home to a place that would finally treat them with respect and as equal human beings, quickly realized that nothing had changed at all.

#4 “I Think The Saddest People Always Try Their Hardest To Make People Happy Because They Know What It’s Like To Feel Absolutely Worthless And They Don’t Want Anyone Else To Feel Like That.” Robin Williams

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#5 Sometimes Little Help Is All You Need, 1945

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#6 A Mother And Her Son On Their Way To A Pride Walk, 1985

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#7 Spanish Flu, 1918. Family Portrait

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#8 An Upset Little Patient After A Visit To The Dentist, 1920s

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#9 I Find Comfort Knowing That More Than 140 Years Ago People Were Taking Silly Pictures Of Their Pets, 1875

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#10 Little Boy About To Receive A Dog For His Birthday (1955)

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#11 A Newly-Born Lamb Snuggles Up To A Boy, 1940

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#12 17 Year-Old Juliane Koepcke Was Sucked Out Of An Airplane In 1971 After It Was Struck By A Bolt Of Lightning. She Fell 2 Miles To The Ground, Strapped To Her Seat And Survived After She Endured 10 Days In The Amazon Jungle

Image source: lostinhistorypics

After ten days, she found a boat moored near a shelter, and found the boat’s fuel tank still partly full. Koepcke poured the gasoline on her wounds, an action which succeeded in removing the maggots from her arm. Out of 93 passengers and crew, Juliane was the only survivor of the Lansa flight 508 crash that took place December 24th, 1971.

#13 These Twins Toddlers On A Russian Street Are So Well Protected Against The Cold That They Look Like Penguins, 1968

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#14 Marlene Dietrich Is Detained At A Train Station In Paris In 1933 For Violating The Ban On Women Wearing Trousers

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#15 Mom Uses A Trash Can To Contain Her Baby While She Crochets In The Park, 1969

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#16 Princess Fatemeh Khanum Was The Princess Of Persia. She Was The Daughter Of King Nasir Al-Din Shah Qajar, Who Ruled Persia From 1848 To 1896. She Was Considered The Ultimate Symbol Of Beauty In Persia During The Early 1900s

Image source: lostinhistorypics

She had over 150 suitors, and it is said that 13 of them committed s**cide due to unrequited love for the princess.

#17 A Young Barack Obama With His Mother On Halloween (1964)

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#18 Dad Showing Off His Skill To The Surprise Of His Little Daughter In Melbourne, Australia, 1940s

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#19 Protestor At Gay Rights Demonstration In 1970

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#20 “You!” – Princess Diana Meets Comedian Rowan Atkinson In 1984

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#21 Albert Einstein Wearing Fuzzy Slippers, 1950s

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#22 The Last Photo Taken Of Hachikō, A Japanese Akita Dog Remembered For His Unwavering Loyalty To His Owner

Image source: lostinhistorypics

Hachikō belonged to professor Eizaburo Ueno who lived in Shibuya and taught at Tokyo Imperial University during the early 1920s. Every day, Ueno would walk to Shibuya station with Hachikō and take the train to work. Once he was done for the day, he would take the train back and return to the station at precisely 3 pm. Hachikō would always be there waiting patiently to accompany the professor home. One day, Ueno suffered a stroke and never arrived at the station. Hachikō went to the station every day for 9 years until his death in 1935. A statue of Hachikō is installed outside Tokyo’s Shibuya station, in Japan. In 2015, another Hachiko statue got erected at Tokyo university to celebrate the faithful dog’s 80th death anniversary. They reunited Hachiko with his master, professor Ueno.

#23 In The Mid-1950’s, Italian Shoemakers Were Selling “Defense Shoes”, Complete With Spurs On Toes And Heels To Kick Away Offensive Sex Pests, Especially In Rome

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#24 Startled Bystander At The Annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, 1994

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#25 My Favorite Picture Of My Grandma & Grandpa. Taken The Summer After Their High School Graduation In 1950

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#26 Can We Just Acknowledge The Fact That These Two Were Married For 74 Years? I Can’t Imagine Being Coupled With Someone For That Amount Of Time And Then Losing Them. She Must Be Absolutely Devastated

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#27 Princess Diana Dancing With John Travolta At A White House Dinner, 1985

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#28 Refusing To Do The Nazi Salute, 1936

Image source: lostinhistorypics

The man was later identified to be August Landmesser who joined the Nazi party in 1931, believing that doing so would help him land a job during a poor economy. However, in 1934, as fate would have it, Landmesser fell in love with a Jewish women named Irma Eckler.

A year later they became engaged but their marriage application was denied by newly enacted Nuremberg laws which prohibited marriages between Jews and non-Jews. This however, did not deter them from having children, and Eckler gave birth to their first daughter, Ingrid, in 1935.

Two years later, Landmesser and his wife and daughter attempted to flee Germany to Denmark but were apprehended by authorities. Landmesser was charged with “dishonoring the race” but was later acquitted due to lack of evidence and was just ordered to end his relationship with Eckler.

However, he refused to abandon his wife and was eventually arrested again in 1938. This time he was sentenced to hard labor for 3-years at a nearby concentration camp. It was the last time he would see his wife and daughter.

Eckler was sent to prison where she gave birth to their second daughter, Irene. From there, she was sent to a concentration camp where she was eventually murdered in 1942.

Landmesser was released from his duties in 1941 and was eventually drafted to fight against the Allies. He was sent on the most dangerous missions due to his “criminal past”. He was eventually killed in action in Croatia in 1944.

The two daughters were placed with foster parents and survived the war.

#29 US Soldier Shakes Hand With A Dog In Luxembourg During The Battle Of Bulge, 1944

Image source: lostinhistorypics

#30 A French Woman With Her Baguette And Six Bottles Of Wine, Paris, France, 1945

Image source: lostinhistorypics

30 Times People Renovated Their Homes And Discovered Surprising Things Left Behind By The Previous Owners

Treasures are often found in faraway lands. After all, if you were to hide your riches, why would you hide them in a place everybody can access? There are treasures underground, in mines, in metallic ores. Also, if you’ve watched some pirate movies, there’s even a map to some far-off island towards a treasure chest.

But why do you need a map when you can go treasure hunting at home? That’s right! And these 30 people would love to agree after they found rare and valuable items just in their homes, after being renovated! Check out this list of interesting items they found!

#1 While Tearing Up Their Carpet, My In-Laws Found A Giant Monopoly Board

Image source: Yamaha234

#2 Found An Old Monopoly Set In The Walls Of My 1925 House

Image source: murphman84

#3 Found Old Newspapers Used As Insulation In The Wall Of A 130-Year-Old House

Image source: shepherdish

#4 There’s A Dried Flower In This 165 Years Old Latin Book I Just Found In Our Attic

Image source: yepjeeway

#5 This Yardstick I Found In My Attic Is Old Enough To Have A 1 Digit Phone Number

Image source: Cog_HS

#6 My Grandfather And I, Found A WWII Purple Heart While Renovating A House He Just Bought

Image source: OnlyZuul666

#7 This Confederate Currency I Found In My Uncle’s Attic

Image source: draculasdrabdick

#8 Refitting Our New Houses Loft (Attic) And Found £500 Of 1981 Currency Wrapped In Insulation

Image source: Furryxian

#9 My Wife And I Are Upgrading Our Kitchen. We Found This Fossil Under The Floor Boards

Image source: cameronsounds

#10 Found This While Renovating. Any Idea? Bomb Squad On The Way

Image source: clark_harrison

#11 Renovating My Bedroom And Found This

Image source: TinTinmwt

#12 I Was Cleaning My Attic And Found A Doll House TV With The Twin Towers On It

Image source: graemel9

#13 Found These (On The Left) Under Old Carpet When We Got Stairs Re-Carpeted. 10 Months After We Moved In Found “Minton” Or Possibly “Pugin” Tiles In The Hallway Under A Laminate

Image source: claire_flynn

#14 Found A Steam Room And Hot Tub In My Basement, Behind A Wall During Demolition

Image source: FeedtheFat

#15 We Have A 23-19! My Friend Found A Monsters Inc. Door While Doing A Recent Renovation

Image source: Stanleeallen

#16 Beautiful Drawing Found Behind A Wall While Renovating Our Bathroom

Image source: yerkab

#17 Collection Of Reference Seeds Found In My Grandad’s Attic

Image source: HungryBanana07

#18 Found A Hidden Attic While Doing A Renovation. It Was A Door To A Hidden Room With Old War Time Newspapers, An Old Bed And Old Photos On The Walls

Image source: lordjayy

#19 Found A Beehive While Renovating An Old House

Image source: blokeman

#20 I Took A Knife To The Lino In The Bathroom And Found The Original Edwardian Tiles. My Great Great Grandmother Was A Housemaid Here In Cupar In The 1880s

Image source: katecowcher

#21 Found This Locked Safe Under The Carpet Of An Estate Home I Recently Purchased

Image source: upsidefirstdown

#22 Found 83 Gold Coins At The Bottom Of A Coal Container After Renovating The House

Image source: DiaBoLo73

#23 Found Original Homeowner In The Walls Of A Teardown

Image source: widewhiskers

#24 Found In A Wall In Vermont

Image source: Stalliewag

#25 Renovation Find

Image source: alpalal

#26 My House Is Built On An Indian Burial Site. I Am Replacing The Furnace, And I Found This Under The Old Furnace

Image source: thefoodguru

#27 We Tore Up Some Carpeting In Our House Expecting Concrete But Instead Found This 70’s Masterpiece

Image source: CallistoChemical

#28 I Took A Wall Out Of My Closet And Found A Makeshift Passageway. With A Large, Heavy, Creepy Basket In It. And The Basket Was Not Empty

Image source: codymanboy, codymanboy

#29 My Friend Found An Invite To Walt Disney’s Daughter’s Wedding While Renovating His House In LA

Image source: jmlwant

#30 Found A Marriage Certificate From 1895 In A Flooded Cabin We Renovated

Image source: jsparker43

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