25 Expensive Accidents That Happened to Some Unlucky People

As much as we try to be careful, there are some things in life that you can’t avoid. Mistakes make life as it is, and if it wasn’t for them we would be able to separate the right from wrong. However there are some things in life with which we have to be extra careful, since the damage is unaffordable.

Unfortunately, people have had those kid of cases, and it honestly hurts to watch. ‘That Looked Expensive’ subreddit is that corner on the internet where people share all the damage done that costs a fortune. They feature any kind of accident. Car accidents, damaged paintings and sculptures that costs hundreds of thousands, and os much more.

We compiled a list of the biggest damages this group has shared. Scroll down below to check it out, and make sure to upvote the one you find the most tragic.

1. Big oof.


2. Oops…


3. Oops


4. Residential homes built in South Dakota over undisclosed abandoned gypsum mine… sinkhole renders entire neighborhood’s property values now worthless.


5. Yesterday a woman who decided to use a right turn as an opportunity to do a spontaneous u turn, hit my Dad’s Stingray. He’s had it since I was a baby.


6. Rattlesnake bite in the US.


7. 80+ mph winds in Iowa today


8. Things got a little out of hand while cooking breakfast yesterday


9. F


10. My car after i got hit by a Porsche Panamera. He was drunk and was speeding. Yet the insurance blames me cause i was doing a manouver to my driveway. Financially destroyed.


11. SUV Crashes into McLaren Dealer


12. A £1 Million ($1.4 Million) Lamborghini Based Bat-mobile got into an accident with a Renault Scenic


13.Absolutely smashing


14. Lamborghini Urus crashed and abandoned in Andorra


15. Of all the cars the Deer had to pick…


16. When a 300k wall of monitors falls over


17. Supercar storage in Cheshire burned down…


18. If insurance companies had nightmares…


19.Nick Wylde would be impressed


20. Remember that bridge you guys built? We need another one


21. 50,000 Liters Wine Spill At Bodegas Vitivinos In Spain


22. There will be meetings


23. Tree vs. SUV: Tree wins


24. When you forget you parked on top of the self-hiding garage


25.Mclaren Paired With The Unskilled Driver


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Same Crocodile, Same Place 15 Years Apart- Steve Irwin’s Son Recreates His Father’s Most Iconic Photo

We are living in a world that nothing is guaranteed forever. due to extreme pollution and global warming and harmful thing happening the earth is becoming a big mess. Not only for humans but also for animals. They have been massively going on extinct and unprotected by human harm and evilness.

Nonetheless, the rates of extinction that are currently taking place are actually comparable to the rates that took place when dinosaurs were wiped off of the face of the planet.

However, there is still a ray of hope when it comes to people who actually care about other beings except themselves.

I bet Everyone knows the late, great Steve Irwin. He left behind an incredible legacy. He was a crocodile hunter with a heart of gold. Now, his loved ones are doing their best to carry on the tradition. His children Robert and Bindi have continued their conservation efforts. Irwin’s wife Terri is also heavily involved.

1. Steve Irwin was a crocodile hunter and an activist for wild animal rights.

The Irwin family at the Australia Zoo in June 2006: (L-R) Robert, Terri, Steve, and Bindi
Photo: Australia Zoo via Getty Images

When we remember steve we see that all he ever wanted was that all the animals in the Australian Zoo where he used to work to be treated with the utmost respect. If these animals are not given the chance to hunt down moving prey, they are more likely to become extinct. That’s why the efforts of trained handlers are important. Without their assistance, the crocodiles are unable to feed in the proper manner.

His son Murray made a recreation photo like his father did but 15 years after a very iconic photo of his father feeding the same crocodile. Now, Robert is the one who is responsible for his welfare. The Instagram post went viral and was liked by every animal lover out there. And Robert hopes he can shed light to everyone about animal rights welfare.

Richard Giles


3. His wife and two childrens are continuing his legacy


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