“He Was Begging Me To Give Him The House”: Woman Inherits Grandpa’s House Because She Actually Cared For And Loved Him, Family Drama Ensues

It happens way too often that the relatives fall out and become estranged after the will has been read aloud. Everyone thinks they deserve a cut from a deceased relative’s assets. No matter the state of their relationship, because, after all, blood is thicker than water, right? Yet, it’s not always the children of the deceased who get the entire estate but rather the person who cared for them when no one else did.

This is precisely the case of aIt_throwthrow, who inherited the entire house after her grandparent had passed away. The young woman took care of her granddad when neither of his other family members ever paid him a visit when he was in poor health. When the grandad passed away, he left the house to the Original Poster (OP). Everyone was in shock, especially the OP’s dad (late grandad’s son) and her brother, who hoped to inherit the house.

The OP took care of the late grandad without expecting anything in return, out of pure love and care. After the will was read, the family accused the woman of manipulating her grandfather into leaving the house to her. Although the woman was doing well for herself and admitted she didn’t need the house, she was hesitant to give it to her dad or brother. She pondered that giving up the estate would disrespect her grandfather’s last wish.

Therefore, the woman turned to the AITA subreddit to ask fellow Redditors for advice. Needless to say, the Redditors were pretty unanimous in their decision. What would you do in the OP’s situation?

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A young woman turned to the AITA community to seek advice on how to handle the situation that had occurred after her grandfather’s Will was read, and it was not what everyone expected

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