The Internet Applauds This Bartender For Their Simple Move That Kept A Woman Safe In A Bar, Inspires Others To Share Their Stories (20 Stories)

People underestimate bartenders. Besides being great at pouring pints and mixing mouthwatering cocktails, they are often excellent observers. They can notice the slightest shift in their surroundings. Those who have ever worked behind the bar themselves know that the bar staff can read the room and sense the “vibes” when someone’s acting rather sketchy.

The “Ask for Angela” campaign started in England to keep women safe from sexual abuse on nights out. It has now been adopted by bars and clubs around the UK and other countries. A person who feels in danger can approach any staff member and use the “codeword” to get discreet help to leave. Nonetheless, “asking for Angela” is not the universal tool for seeking help because not everyone is familiar with it, especially outside the UK.

Yet, people are still finding ingenious ways to protect themselves and strangers when they sense a potential threat coming their way. New Yorker Laura Motta shared a mindful tactic of how a bartender kept her safe from a potentially dangerous man sitting at the bar. Her tweet quickly went viral and more people got inspired to share similar stories.

Tons of people shared their experiences of how someone tried to protect them, or they tried to help others. Take a look at some of the most powerful stories, and who knows, maybe some of the tips will help you save someone from a risky situation. Do you have any stories to share?

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