Woman Is Worried Her Drink Might Get Spiked On The First Date, Is Surprised When The Guy Pulls A Thoughtful Gesture To Make Sure She Feels Completely Safe

It’s no news that women don’t trust leaving their drinks unattended. And their fears have a solid justification. According to new research conducted by YouGov, one in nine women (11%) have had a drink spiked. Among the numbers are lower (6%), however nonetheless alarming.

However, there are many ways to protect oneself from getting spiked. There are a few simple rules/pieces of advice to follow: 1) always buy your own drink and watch it being poured, 2) don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know (no, a few saved bucks isn’t worth it), 3) never leave your drink unattended. Other than that, there are helpful infographics online sharing warning signs that a drink might be spiked. A company named NightCap has even created a product that can be used as a drink cover and a hair scrunchie.

However, suppose you are on a date with someone. You might feel uncomfortable taking a drink to the bathroom because this would clearly show your date that you don’t trust leaving your beverage with them. And that might make it awkward for the two of you. Nevertheless, there’s nothing about it to be ashamed of. There’s a valid reason why this fear of leaving your drink unattended even exists, so if your date doesn’t get it, that person might not be worth seeing you for the second time. Put your comfort and safety first.

Speaking of which, recently, a young woman turned to Reddit’s TwoXChromosomes subreddit with an unusual and very much applause-worthy story. The story goes that the guy the woman was on a date with asked the waiter to hold her drinks until the woman was back. The man noticed that the OP wasn’t comfortable leaving her drink at the table and didn’t take it as an offense. Instead, went out of his way to ensure his date felt safe and comfortable. “When I tell you in my head my jaw dropped,” the woman wrote in the post.

Below, go ahead and read the full story and the debate that was going on among Redditors under the post. What do you think of the OP’s date act? Have you ever been in a similar situation? Let us know.

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The guy the OP was on a date with asked the waiter to hold her drink until she returned from the bathroom

Image credits: Jack Finnigan (not the actual photo)

Source: GamerGurl3980

Image credits: Maks Styazhkin (not the actual photo)

Source: GamerGurl3980

Later, the OP added more details to clarify some questions people had

Source: GamerGurl3980

Many Redditors actually praised the guy for such a thoughtful gesture

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