10+ Adorable and Funny Moments Where Animals Copied Human Behaviors That Will Melt Your Heart

There have been a lot o moments where we have seen our beloved pets copy our behaviors, whether it’s a limp walk or a face mimic that expresses an emotion. Animals can adapt really quickly, and to seem them act like us it’s quite adorable.

For example, dogs who behave like their humans also have some interesting characteristics; they could have been chosen because they have physical attributes similar to their human. … They are in tune with people’s emotions and facial expressions; the closer bond a dog and human have, the more likely the dog is to mimic.

1. Admiring baby like us


2. This is how a baby gorilla and a baby human react to a cold stethoscope


3. Dog intentionally fake coughs to get more attention, if this isn’t intelligent behavior I don’t know what is


4. This is dawn the orangutan. She saw zoo workers cleaning off after a shift. So dawn stole a cloth and now she cleans off everyday too


5. Orangutan couple walking in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam


6. When Mom is making a cake and her kids are eagerly waiting:


7. Googled “pole dancing amateur” …this was unexpected


8. Nobody likes paperwork

9. “OMG! I’ve dreamt of this moment for so long and now I have no words!”


10. Se heard me sniffling and gave me a napkin.

11. This dog is just plain awesome


12.  “Ready for some spring cleaning! I just need to find the broom.”


13. How you sleep knowing tomorrow is Sunday and no alarm will wake you up:


14. Bird uses his own feather for some satisfying head scratches


15. She barks to call him. He comes, they rub and greet each other and they go for a walk.


16 Isolated Houses For The Solitary Soul – The Perfect Spot for Calmness

Living in a city does have its advantages, but even city-dwellers sometimes prefer to escape to some calm places. They need a life with no noisy neighbors and no daily life battles to let their weary souls re-charge. Each day more, isolated houses are rented out to people who want a peaceful place to rest from all the stress and troubles of the world.

Scroll down below to see such beautiful houses surrounded by beautiful views, which will bring calmness to your tired soul. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite house!

1. Little Red House, Iceland

Patrick Sharp

2. Arnarstapi, Iceland

J.G. Damlow

3. Red House In Snowy Norway

Tzvika Stein

4. In The Fields Of Gold, Alberta, Canada


5. Barrier Highway, South Australia

Steven Powell

6. Rice Terraces Of Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Rehahn Croquevielle

7. Saint Cado, France

Philippe Albanel

8. Magical Home, Poland

Marcin Kesek

9. A Tiny House In The Meadow, Lithuania


10. Philips, Alberta, Canada

Brandon B.Report

11. House On The Lake, Iceland

Wim Denijs

12. Little House In Wester Ross, Scotland

Michael Leek

13. Applecross Road, Scotland

Paul Byrne

14. House In Tea Plantation, Munnar

Ulrich Lambert

15. Montana, Usa

Ben Chase

16. Loneliest House in the World / Iceland

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