10 Astounding Homes That Are Completely Hidden From Public View

There are times when each of us needs some time alone. What we do is close our eyes and get carried away to a secluded corner where nothing breaks the silence except the surf or the rustling of leaves.

Below you can see a list of homes that are completely hidden from public view and make for a fantastic “me time” retreat.

Penthouse in a Rock (Beirut, Lebanon)

The home boasts of features such as a glass-bottom pool and cliff top. Now that the construction of the place has started, it has been thronged by buyers looking for off-beat and unique living abodes that offer unusual and calming experiences more than anything else.

Dugout House (Texas, U.S.A)

Embedded a few feet below ground level, this magnificent home resembles a minimal, no-fuss dugout from out. But not everything is as it appears, looks can be highly deceptive. The house has all the amenities needed to lead a luxurious life. From a tiny backyard pool to stairways to comfortable couches, the abode has it all. This project is designed by Bercy Chen Studio LP and it’s truly one of its kind.

Homes Atop a Shopping Mall (Hunan, China)

The shopping mall with homes located on its roof is an abode in a city that houses 4 million people with restricted space. This is exactly why architectural solutions are non-standardized and erratic, thus leading to sprouting real estate growth just about anywhere. The villas are resourcefully built atop the eight-story Jiutian International Plaza in Zhuzhou.

Villa Vals (Vals, Switzerland)

When local authorities make construction rules, you find resourceful ways to work around it without breaking the law. This is exactly what happened in the case of Villa Vals. The main purpose of building an underground villa was to avoid flouting local laws. The laws here prevent people from building a high rise since it is seen as a hindrance to the region’s natural landscape. The architect then got his thinking cap on and decided upon building a home in a cave.

Lake Chalet (Hordaland, Norway)

The prime objective of this structure was absolute integration within the landscape, where the architects performed to the best of their abilities. This stunning hunting lodge is nestled as a standalone structure alongside a lake in the castaway mountain region nestled near Akrafjorden in western Norway. The region is accessible only through horseback and foot. One of the most striking features of the landscape is the hut. The terrain features green patches and rocks that give shape to the hut and its surrounding elements.

The Mirrorcube Hotel (Lapland, Sweden)

The external walls of this structure are glass fitted and covered with a layer of infrared so that birds do not think of it as obstacles in their way of flying. It is a one of its kind hide-out nestled in trees, hidden by mirror walls that beautifully offer a reflection of its surroundings. The base comprises of sturdy aluminum frames around the trunk and walls enclosed with reflective glass. There are half a dozen windows that offer a stunning view of the region. The hotel offers top-notch accommodation for visitors with its double bed, terrace and chic lounge. There are showers and saunas housed in independent buildings nearby. Every tree room is equipped with a complimentary WiFi connection.

Bungalow Under Pine Trees (British Columbia, Canada)

Unique planning and an emerald mossy help this strikingly ingenious house camouflage into the environment. The seaside home has reflective glass that looks stunning in the backdrop of the blue sea and setting sun. This is one surreal, chic home that looks straight out of paradise. It is luxurious, stately, and resourcefully erected to merge with its environment. Those craving a serene time in the bosom of nature will be delighted to live here.

Canyon Mansion in Utah, USA

The Canyon Mansion was built in the late 20th century by a couple, who sought to fulfill their dream of living in a serene, idyllic place. The cozy rooms and unique dwelling make for an adventure-packed habitat. There are some places that are not just quirky and whimsical, but also feature tranquil architectural features that induce a sense of positivity and calmness. The entire vibe of the place is inspiring and spirit nourishing. Amidst the rugged landscape of Utah, this one is definitely the hidden crown tiara.

Cliff House (Coquimbo, Chile)

The submarine two-level home has one level below the ground. The structure is nestled in a rural town adjacent to a stunning, azure sea. Placed alongside the horizontal edge, there are five chimneys that directly look into the sea. With expansive windows, and an open living room as well as a dining room, there is also a terrace that looks out straight into the sea. This can be reached via a courtyard running down a pretty looking staircase running within the house.

Desert Oasis (California, U.S.A)

This whimsical home that looks like a heap of dried leaves from a distance is nestled smack in the middle of a Californian desert. The mystical and intriguing aura of the desert coupled with its contemporary look makes it look like a contemporary oasis in the middle of a desert. It has an ultra-luxurious appeal and looks straight out of a brochure for a design company or magazine.

Grow Blue Java Bananas Which Taste Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Have you ever found the usual bananas in your grocery store to be a little, well, bland? You’re not the only one. Banana lovers in last years have begun flocking to richer alternatives like the Blue Java banana which is grown in many parts of Asia, Australia and Hawaii. The unripe fruit takes on a greenish-silver-blue hue due to its wax coating, hence the name. Its white flesh contains black seeds, which isn’t exactly common for a dessert banana.

It’s also widely known as the “Ice Cream” banana for its sweet and soft flesh, which bears a similarity in taste to vanilla custard or ice cream. Not only do these blue bananas taste like vanilla ice cream but they also contain a lot of nutrients making them a very healthy and nutritious snack. You can eat the ripe banana raw. Others suggest mixing it into a smoothie with peanut butter or doing the old trick of freezing and blending the bananas to make an all-natural ice-cream.

Options for acquiring the Blue Java outside of Asia and the South Pacific are limited. You can purchase the banana in bulk from this Florida-based company. For our friends in Hawaii: Several local growers cultivate the Ice Cream banana, so scout out farmers’ markets on the big island and Oahu. But if you don’t want to spend a fortune shipping bananas or traveling to Hawaii, you can always try purchasing a tree and planting one in your own backyard or even indoors. Unlike other bananas, Blue Java can even survive colder climates.

Hence, check out the gallery below and let us know if you find them tasty!





















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