April 19, 2021

10 Breathtaking Valleys Around The World

Surrounded by the far-reaching mountain slopes, speckled with unique flora and fauna, and long never-ending streams of rivers – there are some breathtakingly beautiful valleys around the world. From the valleys surrounded by the majestic snow-covered peaks in Nepal and China, to some of the most picturesque valleys in the Alps of Europe, we have chosen the 10 most beautiful valleys in the world to inspire and enhance the knowledge of all itchy feet.

1# The Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

When Goethe visited the Lauterbrunnen Valley in 1779, he was so fascinated by the Staubbach Falls that he penned the poem “Song of the Spirits over the Water”. This brought worldwide fame for the striking waterfall. A total of 72 waterfalls gush down into the Lauterbrunnen Valley from the vertical cliff faces, some of which are as high as 400m. The roar and rush of these unique natural spectacles accompany hikers on this picturesque trail from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg.

2# The Nubra Valley, India

Nubra Valley is a few hours to the North of Leh; this is where the Shyok and Siachen rivers meet. The valley separates Ladakh from the Karakoram Ranges and the mighty Siachen Glacier. The valley is accessible through the world’s highest motorable road : the Khardung La. Alongside the Nubra Valley lies the Sasser Pass and the famous Karakoram Pass which connects Nubra with Xinjiang, China. Panamik village is the last settlement in the northern end of the Nubra valley and is open to tourists. Home to the Khardung-La pass, the highest motorable roads in the world, Nubra attracts biking enthusiasts looking to experiencing a new rush of adrenaline.

3# The Haa Valley, Bhutan

Haa Valley situated in the south-western region of Paaro is a picturesque hamlet in Bhutan. Adorned with the view of pristine alpine forest and Majestic Mountain peaks. Haa Valley is at an altitude of 2670mt. spread across an area of 1766 sq.km. It’s also the ancestral home of the Queen Grandmother and the illustrious Dorji family.  While it does not get much publicity, those who have already been there stated it is one of the world’s most enchanting locations. While Asian has several charming valleys, this particular one is said to be perfect in the Spring and is less than 2h from the town of Paro.

4# The Romsdal Valley, Norway

On of Norway’s biggest natural attractions, the Romsdalen valley rises high at 4,821 feet (1500 meters) above and looks like an almost vertical rock. The valley itself is about 60km long, with some of its peaks being accessible by hike paths such as Mannen Mountain. If you love water then all the better. Here you will find streams, small lakes, waterfalls, and even a calm river (full of salmon) flowing through this memorable landscape.

5# The Simplon Valley, Italy

Once a very impressive and successful trade route, this valley of famous Alps is ensconced between the Lepontine and Pennine mountain ranges. These surrounding mountains are impressively very high – they are almost 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) tall. It is shared by both Italy and Switzerland. The lower eastern portion belongs to Italy. The upper western portion belongs to Switzerland. Play your cards right when you visit and you can experience the best of both countries.

6# The Valley Of Ten Peaks, Canada

The valley has gotten its name because it is actually situated amidst 10 incredible mountain peaks. It is located inside one of Canada’s Banff National Park, Ten Peaks is one of the world’s most scenic valleys. The peaks were once merely numbered and had no other name. More recently all but three peaks have been renamed after noteworthy people from around the world. The valley also includes shining Moraine Lake. The easiest way to reach the Valley of Ten Peaks is to take the road that leads to the lake.

7# The Harau Valley, Indonesia

The Harau Valley is situated in West Sumatra. It can be most easily found on the road that runs between Bukittinggi and Pekanbaru. Veteran visitors claim it is here that you will discover some of the most wonderful natural scenery anywhere. Here you will find a diverse landscape of forests, mountain ranges, rice fields, and rock formations.

Hiking is encouraged here so stay as long as you like. In fact, those in the know note that it is not at all difficult to get a homestay in the nearby area.

8# The Lotschental, Switzerland

The breathtaking Lotschental is the largest valley in Switzerland. It is located on the northern side of The Rhone Valley in the Bernese Alps. The Lotschental stretches for roughly 27 kilometers (or 17 miles) from the valley’s mouth found at Steg/Gampel to the Lötschenlücke atop the towering Langgletscher.

The Lotschental is surrounded by truly picturesque mountains as high as 3,000 meters (or nearly 9.843 feet). This is reported to be one of the country’s most glaciated areas. Visitors are permitted to visit whenever they wish.

9# The Kalalau Valley, Hawaii

The stunning Kalalau Valley is situated on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. It is also the place where you will find one of the world’s most beautiful beaches as well. Unsurprisingly, it is called Kalalau Beach.

If you are going to include this gorgeous valley on your travel itinerary, you will have to be prepared to live without a motor vehicle for the duration of your visit. Nevertheless, it is worth the healthy hike to take in the entire island valley. The lush green area is world-renowned.

10# The Barun Valley, Nepal

The Barun Valley is ensconced in the Himalayan Mountain Ranges in Makalu Barun National Park. Specifically, Barun Valley is at the base of Mount Makalu. In just one visit you can take in all of the beautiful scenic views of both the national park and the rest of this noteworthy valley.

Some of the highlights of this valley include the rich fertile forests, the craggy, deep canyons, and the high, cascading waterfalls. Observe and study the rare species of plants and animals in the South Asian ecosystems still preserved here as well.