April 21, 2021

10 Mesmerizing Places That Will Amaze Anyone Who Loves Road Trips

Many people say that traveling is the best experience one can get. You steadily learn the culture and the background of those, who love abroad. Besides, you are able to enjoy the adventures at your own pace, especially if you are used to traveling alone. You can pause and make the most of your trip any time you want.

In addition, going by car allows you to check out the diversity of the route along with the twists and turns that are waiting for you around every corner. You can choose own companions and plan a journey that you have been dreaming about. These are the benefits of road trips one heard so much about!

Even if you do not have a chance to plan a similar traveling routine at the moment, you can always see the images that reflect the beauty of the road trip. It is impossible to remain seated once you check out the advantages of the journey. These pictures prove that a road trip is something else!

#1 The Road to Red Beach, China


Located at Panjin in the Chinese province of Liaoning, this road drives you through a beach, that is actually not a beach. It is, in fact, the world’s largest marshy wetland — where the water is covered with moss. When autumn comes the moss in this area transforms into a soothing crimson color, standing in stark contrast to the yellow fields beside it. Dividing the 2 is a long stretch of road with green borders.

#2 National Highway 22, India

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Located in scenic Himachal Pradesh, India — feel the mountain closing in on you as you drive down one of the most dangerous roads in the world. A number of unpredictable, sharp bends provide some real adventure and the curvy roads raise your adrenaline levels. You’ll see 2 vehicles passing each other, while there is barely ample space for one. Enjoy the majestic mountains as you drive through one of the busiest mountain roads in India. Hold on tight, this one might be a bumpy ride!

#3 Stelvio Pass, Italy

With an elevation of 9,045 ft, Stelvio Pass is the highest paved roadway in the Eastern Alps. Famous for its Giro d’Italia cycling race, the road is only accessible during the summer season. Skip the car drive and opt for a bike ride — feeling the Italian winds blowing through your hair while riding through one of the best roads in the world is priceless.

#4 The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Honored as the Construction of the Century in 2005, it is one of the most captivating and thrilling roads in the world. With the mighty Atlantic Ocean as the scenic backdrop, the highway connects the island of Averøy with the mainland via a series of 8 small islands, offering some lush green coastal landscapes en route. The journey is different every time you travel — depending on what the ocean has to offer!

#5 The Seven Mile Bridge, USA

© Tinsley Advertising / Wikimedia Commons

Often called “The Doorway to the Keys,” this bridge connects the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys in Florida, in the US. The bridge is part of the famous Overseas Highway (aka U.S. Route 1) — one of the routes you must travel at least once in your lifetime. The entire highway has a pristine view of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico and offers the best of Florida coastal landscapes. Be enchanted with the changing hues of the seawater and the infinite sky as you capture the unforgettable vistas in your heart.

#6 The Desert Road, U.A.E.

This endless stretch in the vast desert will surely calm your nerves. Just imagine the sweltering sun, the smooth sand, and your swift ride — encounter nature’s arid side and feel the immortality and the renewability of the desert while driving down this road in Dubai. Experience for yourself how the journey becomes more beautiful than the destination!

#7 Dzuluk Road, India

© Madhumita Das / Wikimedia Commons

Once part of the ancient Silk Road, this road in Sikkim has about 100 hairpin turns in a distance of just 30 km. Offering the best view of the crown of Himalayas, this is one of the most dizzying roads in the world. Even the most experienced drivers can get deceived by the unpredictability of the turns. This road is not for the weak-hearted and requires a special permit to be accessed.

#8 Xingshan Water Highway, China


Considered to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world, this highway is built over a river in Xingshan, China. To keep nature in its pristine form and avoid cutting through the hills and the woods, this highway was built on the water — following the curve of the river. It has some of the most vivid views of the mountain, which keeps you mesmerized and astonished. As a conscious decision toward conservation, this highway is an example of how humankind and nature can be in harmony.

#9 Highway 12, USA

© brycecanyoncountry.com

This highway, that passes through Utah, is a perfect canvas for painting your next adventure. Rightly called “A Journey Through Time Scenic Byway,” one often gets lost in the timelessness of the landscape while driving through it. Be astounded by the high alpine scenery — natural rock sculptures polished by the wind, quaint rural towns, picture-perfect panoramas, and long stretches of road and infinity to discover.

#10 Ruta 40, Argentina

With the gorgeous Andes Mountain range running parallel, this highway is well-known for its adventure tourism. Its hairpin bends, gravel paths, and deserted stretches make for one heck of a ride, especially with the number of horror stories associated with this route. Travel the complete stretch and experience almost everything that nature has to offer — mountains, sea, desert, and forest. Travel through here to get to know the country from the inside out.