April 18, 2021

15+ Times People Were Surprised by Things They Found Inside of Some Things They Broke

What we see isn’t always what we get, as is clear in this bizarre collection of photographs. There are pictures from around the world that have shown random items found inside everyday objects.

There’s a moment when you put on your detective hat and start investigating what things are made of, you might be in for a surprise, for mysterious things lie just beneath the surface of other things, things that might shock and astonish you! Things that will astound and amaze you!

Here we have a list of strange, weird, and unexpected things found inside common and seemingly ordinary objects.

My orange had a little mini orange growing inside of it.


Welo opal inside ammonite, I can now die happy after seeing this.


My dog tore open his Yoda plush toy and the squeaker inside is a heart.


This rock inside a rock.


Bullets found in an old log I was splitting. You can see their trail marks.


I had an egg inside my egg.


I cut an apple in half this morning and found the seeds had started sprouting inside the apple.


My aunt found an orange inside of her orange this morning, complete with peel.


My dog destroyed her toy cactus, and there was another sad cactus inside.


Good guy die manufacturer. Puts die in your die so when your die dies you have a new die.


CT scan of 1,000-year-old buddha sculpture reveals mummified monk hidden inside.

M. Elsevier Stokmans, Jan van Esch

I broke a yard decoration that had 2 frogs and found a pig playing guitar inside.


My dog’s fitness pig toy had a buff pig inside.


The inside of my daughter’s snap bracelet is from a tape measure.


I found this golf ball inside a log.


This bocce ball is full of little balls.


An onion, inside of an onion.