12 Photos of the World’s Rarest Animals

After hundreds of years of biological studies, people keep searching and finding new species of animals, birds, fish, and insects. Some of these creatures look so extraordinary that it’s difficult to believe we live on the same planet. It is incredible that these people don’t give up.

According to some scientists, Earth is home to approximately 8.7 million plant and animal species while 91 percent of sea species and 86 percent of land species are yet to be discovered. It seems nature will never stop surprising us with its creativity and challenging our imagination!

Here we have some unique animals that look so beautiful:

1. Royal flycatchers can boast colorful crests giving them a distinctive “hammerhead” appearance.

© ravin.mclean / Instagram

2. The blue parrots’ color is unbelievable!

© IntotheBlueTv / Twitter

3. A red face is a distinctive feature of the bald uakari, monkeys with an unusual appearance.

© the.ethogram / Instagram

4. The giraffe weevil got its name because of its long neck.

© animals_forever_care / Instagram

5. The blanket octopus is a true masterpiece of nature. Just look at its colorful “blanket” with unbelievable patterns!

© octopusobsessed / Instagram

6. Don’t get scared, it’s just a pink fairy armadillo. It’s adorable if you take a closer look!

© wildlife_sensation / Instagram

7. This black lizard looks surreal.

© ScarLizard / Imgur

8. Red-lipped batfish could star in a lipstick commercial! They look perfect!

© calmoudulina / Instagram

9. Meet Umbonia Spinosa: thorn-shaped bugs that look extraterrestrial!

© animalsofthisplanet / Instagram

10. A horse color breed called Appaloosa is very popular in the US. This breed is valued for its beautiful color patterns that challenge the imagination.

© avalonappaloosas.com

11. The shoebill is a bird that looks pretty charismatic thanks to its big shoe-shaped bill.

© birokasago / Instagram

12. Meet the barreleye fish, small deep-sea fish with barrel-shaped eyes and transparent heads. They look stunning!

© sallyzseashore / Instagram

This is How Hollywood Portrays Other Countries According to This Accurate Meme

It’s a well-known fact that most Hollywood films don’t exactly address reality. From cleaned entertainers to cheerful endings just, we’ve figured out how to believe it tentatively.

This time, we’re managing another big-screen wrongdoing. It ends up, the American entertainment world does barely anything to think often about precisely depicting different nations. The image underneath proposes that everything necessary to depict Mexico, Japan, Africa, and India is some altering and a custom channel.

Henceforth, the Mexican road is soaked in sepia, Japan is yelling neon, and Eastern Europe looks dim and decrepit. An excessive number of generalizations and too little creative mind have us thinking about why it’s actually alright.

P.S. The original photo was taken in Cape Town, South Africa.

#1 United States


#2 Japan


#3 Mexico


#4 Western Europe


#5 Africa


#6 Middle East


#7 Eastern Europe


#8 India


9. Brasil


#10 Australia


People started editing their own versions in response to the meme

Image credits: burnnemesis
Image credits: Carolina Llanos
Image credits: Riccardo Castelli
Image credits: technosworld
Image credits: the_tavbo

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