April 23, 2021

15 Incredible Photogenic Animals Who Deserve an Award for These Stunning Shots

‘Bremen town musicians’ is one story we’ve heard a lot as kids. A group containing a rooster, cat, dog, and donkey who get together to sing, and we all picture a really cool gang finding their path in life. This legendary group surely needed a good picture for their cover album.

Unlike these guys that remain just a story,  some really photogenic animals have finished their cover shots, and honestly, they’re way better than what some of us usually pose.

These animals have taken their role so seriously in front of a camera and the results of these shots you’re about to see below are incredible.  These furry, fluffy, adorable beings have captured our hearts once more through these images.

Scroll down to see the best photoshoots that will make your day better.

1. This guy definitely has it going on

2. Cute squirrel pose 

                                      Jason ozur

3. The cool guys in the house 

4. The Sexy Seductress


5. Draw me like one of your french girls


6. Some vibes of melancholy here 

7. The newest grunge band in the scene


8.  Fam goals y’all


9. That 80’s greatest hits album

                   Rob MacInnis

10. Miss Alaska

                                         Olav Thokle

11.  That 90’s rap album 


12. The band with the twin guitarists


13. Squirrels rocking the stage

14. Family album dropping soon

15. Some dangerous vibes over here