April 21, 2021

17 Off-Guard Photos Proving There’s So Much We Don’t Know

The world is an intriguing place. However, our mundane everyday lives sometimes make us forget that. To remind you about the interesting things around us, we’ve compiled a collection of rarely seen pictures, and they should definitely catch you off-guard.

When you take a closer look at the regular things around you, you might want to shout, “Oh, come on!” That’s because as it turns out, cold water can often look dark blue on TV, dogs can get tooth implants, and somewhere in the ocean, there are square-shaped starfish.

A new portion of interesting facts made us feel like children again who are learning something incredible about this world for the first time.

Continue scrolling for your daily dose of awe and don’t forget to leave a comment for the ones that surprised you the most.

1. A whale skeleton in the middle of a rainforest in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

© WhoaInteresting / Twitter

2. “A 4,000-lumen flashlight through my hand”

© wowlookatit / Reddit

3. An X-ray of a pregnant dog

© GoodGriefWhatsNext / Reddit

4. A Knight’s armor is actually very flexible.

© Matroshka / Pikabu

5. Some 5-pointed starfish can be square due to birth defects.

© Vaporwave30 / Reddit

6. In zero gravity, a candle’s flame is round and blue.

© Ripple46290 / Reddit

7. A squirrel without a bushy tail

© abbyw41490 / Reddit

8. A dog dental implant

© doctorrance97 / Reddit

9. Cold and hot water on TV

10. “My friend caught this fish off the coast of Hawaii.”

© boombotser / Reddit

11. “The biggest lobster claw I’ve ever seen!”

© kkirch / Reddit

12. A vortex on the window

© onlyshivi / Reddit

13. The world is at your feet.

© raistlinmajere13 / Reddit

14. How different SPF levels look through a UV camera

© FistingInferno / Reddit

15. A needle and thread under an electron microscope

© KGJ6891 / Reddit

16. “The way this ice froze in my water bottle overnight”

© breadloafboy / Reddit

17. Snow-covered the net roof of the aviary in the zoo.

© Littlemeggie / Reddit