April 22, 2021

20 Mildly Interesting Things That People Have Encountered in Their Lives

Everyday we’re surrounded by things that sometimes seem surreal. We miss most of these moments, but the ones we witness we try to immortalize them forever with the help of our camera. People all over the world have been sharing pictures of weird situations they have encountered by mistake, and they’re quite interesting.

Sharing these pictures online has helped us see what on the other side of the world, and all the things that could happen in nature. Created in 2012, r/MildlyInteresting has become one of the biggest communities on Reddit serving random interesting, funny, weird but quite unique images to the public. We’ve selected some of their best which can find  in the gallery below.

1. Australian flood waters meet the ocean


2. The walls in this old coffeehouse have shadows where people used to sit


3. I (barely) saw a flounder while diving today


4. I got a mosquito bite on top of a bruise and it drained the blood from the impact site.


5. My vacuum cleaner managed to lift a broken chair leg and shut itself off


6. My Arby’s French fry was a perfect &


7. This Fried Chicken looks like a Fried Chicken.


8. A dust devil in front of Chichén Itza


9. I don’t see why it should matter where the goggles are made.


10. This wheelchair friendly bench in my local park.


11. Large worm we saw this morning (6 year old hand for scale)


12. Thought my apple had worms – turns out seeds can sprout within the fruit!


13. Bone Cancer In A Snake Skeleton


14. My dog has planted tomatoes in my garden with her poo. My kids thought our Ridgeback’s reaction to cherry tomatoes popping in her mouth was hilarious, now we have tomato plants all throughout the garden.


15. I came across a jelly fish washed up on the beach!


16. Tokyo has PCR test vending machines.¥3800 (35USD) /test


17. I Went Hiking And Found A Rock/Log That Resembled A Giant Moss Puppy


18. This Bridge To Nowhere. When The Tide Is Out, It Allows Beachgoers To Cross A Stream That Cuts Across The Beach


19. My package came with an envelope made from wool scraps instead of bubblewrap


20. My Bank Sent Me a Check for One Cent