April 21, 2021

20 Nature Wonders That Have Gone Unnoticed by People

We’re often amazed by things we spot in nature, the natural creations never fail to surprise us. But there are also some things we might miss either because they are not in the right place or because they are placed in places of impossible access.

In the images below you will see 20 nature phenomena, which you never thought possible.

1 A lizard that turns its tail blue.

2 A mushroom that appears to be made of glass.

3 This is a huge chandelier.

4 A dog’s claw.

5 This duck was born without feathers due to a problem with its skin.

6 The color of the giant squirrels of India is really striking.

7 In very hot weather, a horse’s perspiration dries automatically to form drops of salt.

8 Albino raccoon.

9 The feather of a hummingbird.

10 By mistake they added a particle useful for parrots in the clay for the bricks. They are happy on the wall of the building.

11 A leaf covering a hummingbird nest.

12 This is a needle from a syringe and next to it a tooth of a poisonous snake. It is seen from a microscope.

13 A seahorse dad with his children.

14 A giant salamander visiting after a flood.

15 A really beautiful cloud.

16 A new sewing needle and a used needle for a couple of months.

17 A perfect gradient effect.

18 Heart-shaped cactus.

19 An ostrich egg.

20 The cobweb is a network capable of supporting water.