April 19, 2021

20 Photos of Horses in Breathtaking Icelandic Landscapes

Liga Liepina, born in Latvia and moved to Iceland when she was 14. She has been obsessed with horses since forever. First, she started by collecting every newspaper clippings, posters and even calendars of horses. She knew that horses will be a huge part of her life when she had her first-ever riding lesson.

When she was a teenager she enjoyed playing with small digital cameras, snapping shots and mostly landscapes. And of course, that horses ended up in front of her camera day by day. She wasn’t only focusing on standard on equine portraits, she wanted something more exciting and different and that’s when she started to combine her passion for horses and the stunning Icelandic landscape. The Icelandic horses are very unique, they are very cooperative and brave, and wild in their heart. And Icelandic weather is full of surprises.

Enjoy these beautiful landscapes. 🙂

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