20 Times Nature Showed It’s Incredible Strength Against Our Civilization

Nature can do wonders when it’s not bothered by man’s creations. We’ve seen examples of it when nature claimed its territory once people were no longer around. Here we have another set of examples of just that wonder that nature does, which never fails to surprise us.

What mankind tries to take away from nature, nature reclaims it back in the most incredible way.  Maybe it’s a way of convincing us that the world belongs to it as much as we think it is otherwise.

Humans might fight nature with their buildings, creations of all sorts, pollution, but nature waits for its moment to take it all back. Check out these incredible images where nature fascinates us with its power.

Abandoned fishing village in Kirovsky, in the Kamkatcha peninsula in Russia

2. Abandoned Shopping Mall Taken Over By Fish In Bangkok

3. This Namibian ghost town was swallowed by the sand

4. Statue Of Buddha Being Reclaimed By Mangrove Forest

5. Abandoned Railway Bridge In Czech Republic

6. 130,000-Year-Old Neanderthal Skull Encased In Stalagmites, Found In A Sinkhole In A Cave In Italy

7. A room in a abandoned hotel 

8. Abandoned Mansion Near Kilgarvan, Ireland

9. Belgium’s ‘car graveyard’

10. The Radioactive Ghost City Of Pripyat, Ukraine

11. Abandoned Bridge In New Zealand

12. I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgium

13. Angkor, Cambodia

14. Abandoned House, Norway Style

15. Trees Sprouted On Top Of Abandoned Chimneys

16. Amazing Abandoned thirteenth Century Château Located In France

17. Abandoned Asylum In Italy That Has Been Touched By Bob Ross

18. A Piano Left To Nature

19.Destined To Be Green. Relinquished Escalator 

20. Fern Growing Under A Circular Roof Hole

21. “Today I saw this banian tree 🌳 it’s come through Chimney. Clicked in Berahampur ware house”


22. MS World Discoverer was a German expedition cruise ship. It hit an uncharted reef in the Sandfly Passage 29. April 2000. The hole was too big to get it repaired on the spot, so all the guests were taken ashore. A few hours later the captain ran the ship full speed on the ground in Rodrick bay. This is Chief John’s garden, where we’re staying now with his lovely family.


This Artist Colorizes Old Photographs and They Look Totally Different

When we look at the old photos we notice they were all black and white grind. We ever thought we wish we could see them in colors. Or old movies that are made in the 30s-50s sometimes we have that slight imagination of how they looked in layering colors.

Since photography has always been an important part of human lives. Capturing the moment was also seen as a historical moment.

It’s a strange feeling seeing them in no colors, however, this issue is solved as this artist Sébastien de Oliveira is. Sébastien uses Photoshop to color old photographs and give them more life. The people in the photos look much more realistic and the pictures become so much more inviting. colorizing old photographs.

In one of his interviews, he stated: “I began 5 years ago to colorize some images and it became unstoppable. My three passions can combine themselves in colorization: painting, photography, and history. I spend lots of time finding images that tell a story. After spending some time on WW1 and WW2 images, now I am more interested in simple street views or peaceful ‘tranche de vie (pieces of everyday life) or colorizing portraits of actors from the golden age of Hollywood. I like to get into all the details that can be found in a photo and try to give my own interpretation

For more info: Instagram

1.  Chicago, 1941

Sebastien de Oliveira

Sebastien de Oliveira told for the interview why he colorizes photos and how he got into it: “At the beginning, it was my hobby, but it is becoming a big part of my activity now, I am a photo retoucher and I work for the fashion industry in Paris. I have a background in Fine Arts studies so I paint and I take photos. My other passion was history, so I found a way to combine my three passions in one.”

The artist shares his strugle with colorizing photos: “I have a method so all the different stages are under control and not really difficult by themselves but the most difficult is always to choose a color for people’s clothing, because of the immensity of choice.

He also mentioned tha his favorite are the street views from the ’40s and ’50s with rounded cars and people wearing costumes, as he thinks it is so cinematographic!

2. Anonymous, France, 1967.

Sebastien de Oliveira

3. Happy anonymous couple, 1948.

Sebastien de Oliveira

4. Ambridge Pennsylvania, 1941. Photo by John Vachon.

Sebastien de Oliveira

5. Rita Hayworth, eating on the beach, 1947.

Sebastien de Oliveira

6. Anonymous, 1946.

Sebastien de Oliveira

7. Bar at Central Park in New York by Marjory Collins, 1942.

Sebastien de Oliveira

8. Althea Gibson Winner Of The Wimbledon Championship With Her Compatriot Darlene Hard, 1957

Sebastien de Oliveira

9. Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993) In 1956

Sebastien de Oliveira

10. Parisian Girls Enjoying The Fun Fair, Paris, 1935

Sebastien de Oliveira

11. Blue Island, Illinois. The Senise Family Going To The Movie, By Jack Delano, Feb 1943

Sebastien de Oliveira

12. Jacqueline Cochran, (1906-1980), 1939.

Sebastien de Oliveira

13. New York In 1942, By Marjory Collins

Sebastien de Oliveira

 14. Cars And Girls, 1942

Sebastien de Oliveira

15. Rainy Day In Pittsburgh, By John Vachon, June 1941

Sebastien de Oliveira

16. Saturday Afternoon In Florence, Alabama, June 1942. By Arthur Rothstein

Sebastien de Oliveira

17. Young Actresses Having A Sun Bath For A Film Promotion During The Cannes Film Festival, 1955

Sebastien de Oliveira

18. Marilyn Monroe Resting On The Set Of The Misfits, By Eve Arnold, 1960

Sebastien de Oliveira

19. Bergman, Hemphrey Bogart And Michael Curtis On The Set Of “Casablanca” 1939

Sebastien de Oliveira

20. Waiting For The Bus, 1943

Sebastien de Oliveira

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